Importance Of Spending Time With Your Partner Or Spouse


Life has become so busy these days. With all the distractions like work, meetings, family commitments, friends, fitness and so on, there are hardly enough hours left in a day for spending time with your partner. People find themselves complaining about how they don’t have time for themselves let alone spending time with their partner.

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This is the reason behind most unhappy relationships. Research has shown that one of the major reasons that most relationships fail is because couples do not give importance to spending enough time together. We must realize that spending quality time with our spouse is like saving money for a rainy day. Every time you spend a few peaceful moments with your partner, you are building a stronger wall all around your relationship for times when a calamity could have broken it down. Furthermore if you don’t spend time with your partner/spouse you are slowly letting the distance between you grow and you’d be risking hearing (or saying) “I don’t love you anymore”.

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Simple gestures like holding hands and cuddling can make your relationship stronger

Simple gestures like holding hands and cuddling can make your relationship stronger

So if you want to avoid that happening, try! Try spending time with your partner as much as you can; at least spend 15-20 minutes alone together. Most couples complain they have time or they need time for themselves (“personal space”, as they call it). But what you must realize is that your partner is your own personal space, your world, so they would be more likely to make you feel better than solitude would. If you feel you have many problems to deal with, so does your partner. If you need a break from the world, they do too. And both of you can together make it happen. Here are some precious tips to be able to spend more time with your partner and re-ignite the spark that got you two together in the first place.

Have morning coffee together, Spending Time With Your Partner,

Have morning coffee together

  • Make it a ritual to spend at least 10 minutes together every morning and saying goodbye before either (or both) of you leave for work. Spending a few minutes together every morning can help you weather out whatever the day has in store for you.
  • Just as you did in the morning, try and ensure to spend 15-20 minutes together at night all by yourself. When a person comes back to a house bustling with activity, it can be a little overwhelming to join in straight away (especially since the day has been a long and tiring one).

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  • Once your partner is back home, put everything aside and focus on your partner for 10 minutes. Talk to them and make them feel relaxed so they can easily feel they belong here.
  • Send them a text during the day (or a mail if you are at work too) saying something positive pertaining to your relationship – for example: you’re thinking of them. This will make them look forward to coming back home and seeing you.
  • If you have children or live in a joint family, spending time with your partner privately may be a challenge. What you can do is sneak out (or in a room) to sit together and talk for 5-10 minutes about how your day went and just release the tension in each other’s minds.
  • If that’s not possible, take time out before bedtime (preferably when the kids are asleep) and talk to your spouse telling them how you appreciate everything they done for you and your kids. Tell them you’re grateful for all that and show them how much you care.
  • If you are upset over something your partner said or did, text them saying let’s discuss and sort it out tonight. This way both of you will be in a calm frame of mind and the discussion will be a fruitful one.
  • Most couples stop going on dates after getting married. DON’T DO THAT! Go for a date at least once every month. Either keep a fixed date scheduled or randomly take them out whenever you can. This will give you enough time to spend together and re-live your courtship period.
  • Go on a vacation together. Most couple who went on a vacation together (even the ones who were in highly dissatisfactory relationships) said that they felt much better while on the trip and it gave them an opportunity to come close to each other after months.
Having sex is important for your relationship, Spending Time With Your Partner,

Having sex is important for your relationship

  • Have sex not because you should but because you want to. Flirt with each other as simple acts of showing love and affection to them, paying close attention and having sex with your partner can go a long way in making your relationship stronger than ever.

Relationships are tricky and you must take very good care to erase the bumps in your equation and overcome the obstacles that you encounter as you go along.

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