Steps to stay clear of adversity


They say there is no education like adversity. However, wouldn’t you want to steer clear of it to save the pain? There are some people who enjoy flirting with danger and fall into adversity far too often for their liking. Here we enlist a set of self-discipline rules that will help us keep a safe distance from adversity.

If it feels wrong, don’t do it

You need to follow both, your head and your heart. You have been given a conscience for a reason. Use it! When you feel that things seem wrong, step away. Choose wisely and do not be impulsive.

Say exactly what you mean

Say exactly what you mean

Say exactly what you mean

Do not mince your words. Be frank and straightforward, lest you are misunderstood and cause trouble. In today’s world, most rifts in relationships occur due to misunderstanding. Hence, there arises a need to be clear in speech and thinking.

Don’t be a people pleaser

Don't be a people pleaser

Don’t be a people pleaser

If you are going to be a people pleaser, then people are going to take advantage of you. You must steer clear of doing everything just to please others, and think straight. Care about those you have to and respect yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Dont be a people pleaser

Don’t be a yes man

Saying no without being offensive is a skill. You must master this skill to avoid trouble. You can be taken advantage of if you do not sharpen on this skill. Saying no will not make you lose a friend. If it does, then well and good; because that friend wasn’t worth it and did not respect you enough.

Stay away from negativity

Pessimism is what kills hope. You may have goals and dreams, but if you are negative about them, then I am positive that they are going to be ten times harder to achieve.

Adversity is bound to happen in your life. In fact, hard times are a great tester. Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. However, when you have the opportunity to steer clear of it on your path to success, do all you can to do the same!

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