Survival Tips For Newcomers At Work


Are you joining a new firm soon? Or have you just joined your new office? Apprehensive about how you’ll make friends at work? To be recognised by your colleagues can seem as tedious as finding a new job. Also, sometimes, people love their job so much that they fail to make an attempt to be noticed by other fellow beings in the office. Here are a few tips that will help you initiate friendship at work.

Be presentable

The initial few days form the crucial period of your job because you get noticed as ‘the new entry’. It is important to look presentable. Wear outfits that stick to the dress code of your office, not to forget the kind of bag you carry and the type of footwear you sport. Everything about you will be noticed, therefore strive to strike the best first impression.

Everything you do in the initial few days will be noticed by your colleagues

Everything you do in the initial few days will be noticed by your colleagues

Do not rush to get your desk

Many offices get the desk ready prior to the newcomer’s joining date. But, there are also offices that delay in providing a desk. On your joining day, wait to be assisted to your desk or politely ask for a temporary place to sit. Never raise your voice or show unpleasant facial expressions. Remember, the more polite you are, the better impression you give about yourself to others. Once your desk is allotted, it is ideal to keep it clean on a daily basis.

Understand your work from the right people

It is natural for the seniors in an office to be lenient to a newcomer, but the mistakes you commit will reflect poorly on you. For this reason, understanding the working principles of your office is mandatory. Knowing who you work under, who works under you, your key responsibilities, and the chain of command at work are the best ways to enter the good books of your colleagues. Do not be showy about your knowledge, ideas or experience in front of your colleagues or seniors; subtly put them forth only when asked to do so.

Don’t be desperate to make friends

It is not possible for any human being to work alone. We all need a companion to ease our working hours. But, the fact that you need a friend at work should never be evident on your face. Do not be pushy and enter conversations uninvited; it acts as a repelling quality. If there are groups already formed in your office, do not join them without being invited. Would you like a random person to visit and dine with you? That is exactly how your colleagues think about you now; and entering their conversations uninvited is the worst idea.

Balance the yes and the no

It is a common thing for seniors to dump their work on newcomers. This happens almost at every workplace. Initially, agree to help them out but if it is becoming a regular situation, slowly talk them out of it. Try telling them that you will do it later; but remember to be polite. In the name of seeking friendship don’t end up creating a group of haters.

The best advice is to enjoy your work and be the best; the rest will fall into place automatically. Good luck!




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