TBD Readers Make 200 Ganeshas Famous


Last week, The Brunette Diaries declared a contest inviting our readers to send in the photos of the Ganeshas they visited during Ganesh Chaturthi 2014, and to our surprise, the response was overwhelming!

We received  more than a cumulative 200 Ganeshas from our visitors across the country!

Some of the visitors we would like to specially mention here are:

Mithila Morvekar 

This 25-year-old from Mumbai was in Malvan when we declared our contest. But when she was back, and came to know of the contest through our social media properties, she mailed us more than a whopping 70 images of Ganesha. Apparently, some of these images were clicked in Malvan, and others near her house in South Mumbai, where processions of grand “moortis” go from. She further apologized for sending in the entries late, narrating her “excuse”! But, with such an overwhelming excitement for our contest, there was no way we could have disqualified her entries!

Deepak Hajare:

Like we always say, The Brunette Diaries is not only for the ladies out there; it’s for the tough guys too! And Deepak very well knows that! This devout Ganpati bhakt enthusiastically participated in the contest and sent us more than 30 images! He further sent us the link to his Facebook account’s “Ganpati album” and gave us the liberty to pick as many as photos as we want from the 300 odd pictures he clicked during this Ganeshotsav! Man!!! :D

Aastha Singh

This young student has sent us more than 30 images of Ganeshas, which she had clicked when she was shopping for an idol for her home, with her mom. Who would have imagined that the pictures she had casually clicked during her “Ganpati shopping” trip, would help her win a prize!

Anyway, here are the 200 images we shortlisted from the entries we received:



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