TBD Tutorial: Classic Makeup Looks For Festive Occasions


The festival season calls for family bonding, socializing and having a blast with food and fireworks (the safe ones, of course!) But no occasion is complete without a touch of glamour and glitz. Many of our readers have requested for an article on amazing festive looks to try. So here they are! I have picked two amazing classic makeup looks that suit all complexions. Try them out and do remember to send us your pictures, we’d love to see your recreations of these classic looks.

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The Classic Black And Gold Smokey Eye:

The black and gold smokey eye is a classic look for festive occasions

The black and gold smokey eye is a classic look for festive occasions

You need not be the best makeup artist if you want to go for this look, because it’s so simple to create. All you need is a good foundation, your favourite kohl and lots of golden shimmery eye shadow. So let’s get started!

Step one: Prep your face by cleansing it well and moisturizing with a good non-sticky lotion with SPF 15. Once you’re through with that, apply your foundation sparingly but evenly all over your face, starting from the centre and moving outwards. If you have facial hair, apply the foundation going in sync with your hair growth. Using the right concealer, cover up blemishes and under eye circles if any.

Step two: Once foundation is done with, give yourself a minute to let it set. Using a blotting paper or soft tissue paper, blot out any oily patches on your skin and set it with some translucent powder. Don’t use excess powder else you’ll end up looking ghastly.

Step three: For the base of your eye makeup, apply a light golden eye-shadow on your lids using your fingers. Make sure to stick only on the lid and avoid going over the crease. Blend the colour in with a clean blending brush.

Step four:  Using a clean eye-shadow brush, apply a deeper more shimmery golden shadow on top of your base. It’s better to hold a tissue under your eye to avoid the shimmer from falling on your face. Blend again using your blending brush.

Step five: Now for the smokiness. You can either use a black eye shadow or use your favourite black kohl to add definition to your eye. Apply some of the black shadow or kohl on the corners of your eyes going slightly into the crease and blend it out using your blending brush. After this step you may choose to line your upper and lower lash lines with your favourite kohl. Finish with some mascara and a creamy nude lip gloss and voila!

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Bold Lips And Soft Eyes:

Bold lips and soft eyes can be worn with western as well as traditional outfits

Bold lips and soft eyes can be worn with western as well as traditional outfits

This one is again a fabulous look that has been requested many times! Bold lips and really soft eyes coming through to you straight from the runway!

Step one: Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face and neck for the perfect base. Apply your foundation lightly and preferably use a matt foundation because this look is pretty neutral on the base.

Step two: Once you have your base makeup in place, start with your eyes, prime your eyes if needed and apply a soft white non-shimmery eye shadow. If you are on the wheatish or darker side, use your nude eye pencil as a base. Just stipple on some on the nude eye pencil all over your eyelid sticking to the part under the crease. Next, cover it up with a peach coloured eye shadow (again non-shimmery!).

Step three: To glamourize the neutrals, add a touch of grey eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyes and blend it in using a blending brush.

Step four: Now for the liner. Whether you like using gel liners or liquid liners, make sure to practise your eyeliner skills atleast 5-10 times before the occasion so that you’ll get the hang of it and it will be much quicker to apply. Using your favourite liner, make a thin, smooth line along the upper eyelid sticking very close to the lash line. Allow it to dry and finish up with mascara.

Step five: Applying a bold lip colour needs more than just lipstick. Prime your lips with a good quality lip balm and apply some foundation over it to neutralize your natural lip colour. This will prevent your natural lip colour from being visible under your lipstick. Line your lips using a lip liner that’s the same shade of your lipstick, and then fill in with your lipstick. For that extra pouty look, apply some clear gloss only on the middle section of your lips. And because it’s festive season, don’t feel shy to use bolder hues of lipstick – flaming red, deep oranges and fuchsia pink are some colours that suit all skin complexions.

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