TBD Tutorial: How To Make Big (Doe) Eyes Appear Smaller


Big eyes are certainly considered one of the best shaped-eyes, and we sure agree! But finding the right type of makeup that would suit your pretty ‘doe-eyes’ can sometimes get a bit tricky. The goal is to show off the doe eyes by sporting makeup that complements them and doesn’t make them appear too large either. Not to worry, my doe-eyed lasses! I’ve got just the perfect makeup look for you. But before we begin, here are some superlatively helpful and important eye makeup tips that you must note. Got your pen and pad ready? Here we go…

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1)      Shimmer eye shadow is a good way to enhance your eyes. You must realize that your eyes are your best feature and if you go wrong with your eye makeup, you may well ruin your complete look. So pack on that shimmer, ladies!

2)      Apply a touch of mascara ONLY on the bottom lashes. Okay, don’t freak out yet; I know this sounds bizarre, but mascara helps open up your eyes and makes it look bigger and brighter. So if you don’t want the illusion of having really big eyes, you may quit the mascara altogether. But if you just can’t make do without it, then apply a tiny bit of it on your lower lashes. Too much mascara on the lower lashes can give you spider-lashes.

3)      If you have light eyes, then a tiny bit of shimmery white eye shadow on the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes can accentuate them well. But don’t go overboard and apply it to your whole lid, as that will make your eyes look larger still.

4)      Groom your brows well. A pair of unruly, bushy brows can make your eyes look tired. Google the perfect shape for your brows as per your face-cut or click here.

5)      Smoky eyes can also give you the desired effect. Smokey eye makeup has a way with big eyes; it can make them appear smaller because of the dark colours used.

Now for the tutorial, all you’re gonna need is:

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An eye primer (optional)

A matt nude eye shadow

A shimmery bronze eye shadow (bronze goes really well with all Indian skin tones; so that’s a score!)

A matt dark eye shadow in either cocoa or black

Black kohl pencil

An eye shadow brush and a blending brush

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Pack on the base colour on your eyelid using an eye shadow brush

Pack on the base colour on your eyelid using an eye shadow brush

Firstly, if you have any dark pigmentation around your eyes, you need to prep your eyes with some tinted eye primer – this will help set the makeup well. Start with the nude eye shadow and apply it gently all over your lid using the eye shadow brush.

Apply the bronze eye shadow in the crease and on the outer corner and gently blend

Apply the bronze eye shadow in the crease and on the outer corner, and gently blend

Once you’re through with the first step, take a little bit of the bronze eye shadow on your brush and apply it to the outer corner of your eye and into the crease. Use a tissue paper to avoid any fall-out from sticking to your face. Then take your blending brush and gently blend the bronze shadow in your crease and bring it towards the center of your eyelid. This will help make your eye appear smaller, and if you have bulging eyes it will push them back considerably.

Apply the darkest shade of eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye

Apply the darkest shade of eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye to make it look smaller

Now, using the darkest eye shadow, gently apply it on your crease and the outer corner of your eye. Also apply a little bit on the outer third of your lower lashes to make your eyes look smaller. Blend, blend, and blend! Remember: blending is the key; if you don’t blend your eye makeup, it will leave you with harsh edges of shadow that look really tacky.

Finish off your look by lining your waterlines with lots of black kohl pencil

Finish off your look by lining your waterline with lots of black kohl pencil

Finally, apply a black kohl pencil to the lower and upper waterline and you’re done! How easy was that!

Voila! Here's the finished look!

Voila! Here’s the finished look!

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