Tea + Booze = Magic! 7 Tea-Infused Cocktails For The Teaholic In You


Tea Based Cocktails For Your Next Party

If the regular pegs of whiskey and bottles of beer have become a tad boring for you, welcome to TBD. Now if you’re someone who can’t choose between your cup of tea and your peg of whiskey, we have something that will interest you. Presenting 7 amazing tea-infused cocktails recipes for the ultimate sucker for tea!

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Whiskey Green Tea Punch


Let 5 green tea bags steep and then add ½ cup of fresh lime juice, 1 cup of ginger ale, ½ teaspoon of honey, and 1 ½ cups of your fave whiskey. Add ice cubes and serve to your guests.

Tipsy Peach Iced Tea

peach iced

Combine 1 cup of unsweetened peach tea, 30ml of vodka, and 30ml of mint syrup in a cocktail shaker. Shake-shake-shake, and serve with ice cubes!

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Green Tea & Gin Blast


Combine 300ml of gin with 2-3 green tea bags and let it sit for a couple of hours. Shake it once in a while. When you’re ready to serve, add a few drops of fresh lime juice and honey to the mixture, shake, and pour in tall glasses.

Chamomile Tequila Sour


Boil 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water until it dissolves. Remove it from heat and steep 4 chamomile tea bags for 30 minutes. Remove the bags and refrigerate the tea for an hour. Now combine 30ml of tequila, a few drops of lime juice, and the chilled chamomile tea in a shaker. Serve with ice cubes!

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Green Tea Mojito


Muddle 1 spoon of lime juice, 2 spoons of sugar, and a few spearmint leaves together in a tall glass until the leaves release its flavour. Add ice cubes, 30ml of rum, and ½ cup of brewed green tea until the glass is filled. Garnish with mint leaves.

So is the welcome drink for your next house party sorted? :)

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