Tell-Tale Signs That Show Your Husband Disrespects You


To every couple, marriage may initially seem like a YRF or Dharma Productions’ romantic flick. But a year into it, you’ll realize that it has many ups and downs. No, I’m not trying to scare you. But the truth is that couples need to realize that their romance does not end with their wedding; in fact, it starts afresh. But along the way you’ll find many obstacles. One of them being losing the respect that your husband once had for you. If you notice the first signs and talk it out before things go out of hand, you can start afresh once again. After all, marriage is a journey in which every day is a new beginning.

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Here are some tell-tale signs that show your husband disrespects you:

Is your husband losing respect for you?

Is your husband losing respect for you?

  • He takes decisions without consulting you: If you realize one fine day that your husband has decided to relocate to another city or he has used a huge chunk of your collective savings to invest in a new stock or business without even consulting you, this is a sign that he does not respect you enough to take your opinion into consideration. Talk it out with him and politely ask him why he didn’t think it’s important to consult you before taking such a major decision.
  • He doesn’t care about your aspirations: We all have dreams, career goals and certain aspirations in life. But if you feel that your husband doesn’t show any interest in your goals and aspirations, then this may be a sign of his lack of respect for you. If he refuses to acknowledge let alone support your dreams and desires, then he is simply taking you for granted.
If your husband criticizes you often, this may be a sign that he doesn't respect you anymore, husband disrespects you,

If your husband criticizes you often, this may be a sign that he doesn’t respect you anymore

  • He criticizes you often: If your husband spends his free time bickering about you and criticizing you and not appreciating your efforts, know that he does not respect you anymore. This should be a cause of concern because if he can’t see the efforts that you’re making, maybe he doesn’t even see any good in you at all. Talk it out but ensure you do not confront him with an aggressive stance. Ask him what he expects of you and tell him what you expect of him.

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  • He always chooses his mother over his wife: A disrespectful husband does not care about his wife and takes her for granted. He complains about you to your mother-in-law and always seems to agree with her rather than trying to understand your point of view.  If your husband has started doing this, then you must put your foot down and demand the respect that you deserve. While being polite is always better, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it.

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Remember, whatever situation arises in your marriage, if your husband has started disrespecting you, do not let him do so and put a stop on it while you still can. Ciao, for now!

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