The 5 minute beauty fix for working women


Most of us ladies are too passionate about our careers and some are working mothers who always struggle to find time for themselves while juggling between work and kids. With the long hours and a packed schedule, we hardly get time for beauty. But it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Whether you are running late for work or you have to head to a party straight from work; with these quick tips and beauty tricks, you’ll need only 5 minutes to look awake, refreshed and beautiful.


Have a clean face-palette every morning:

Clean Face

Always, and we mean always, apply makeup on a clean and fresh face. This means washing your face off properly the night before. Most women neglect taking their makeup off and fall straight into the bed after a long, tiring day. But the reason we keep repeating this golden rule is because it costs too much if you neglect it. Besides, applying makeup on clean and fresh skin lifts up your face instantly.

Less is more:

Many of us hardly get time to follow a full-fledged makeup regimen. Fret not, because now you’ll only need 5 minutes to get ready. In a clean and dry bottle, mix sunscreen and foundation in equal quantities. So you just need to take a small amount of this mixture and evenly work it on your face.

Do away the flaws:

Keep an oil-free concealer stick handy as it’s easier and faster to apply. Put on some concealer on your problem areas (dark circles, pimple marks, etc.) and blend it in with a soft makeup sponge.

Play with colours:


If you don’t have time for a proper eye makeup, here is a little trick that always works: Use your lipstick on your eyelids as well! Matching the eyes and lips is the ultimate hot trend this year. So apply a small amount of lipstick to your lids and settle it with powder.

And you’re good to go!

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