The 6-Step DIY Mani-Pedi Treatment


Even though you may keep your hands and feet covered in these wetter, colder months, you should still pamper them regularly. Salons have become way too expensive and it’s not feasible for everyone to shell out the dough for a mani-pedi treatment every month. Not to worry ladies, I have a fabulous idea! How about doing your mani-pedi treatment at home? Do something special and budget-friendly for yourself. Here’s a DIY tutorial for a spa-like experience at home. But first, you need to get hold of these items:

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Nail file

Fingernail/toenail clippers

Wooden cuticle stick

Nail buffer

Pumice stone

Nail polish remover


Cotton balls

Tub of warm water

Conditioning shampoo

Moisturizing hand and foot lotion

Good quality nail polishes

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Let’s get started!



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