The 7 Day Technique To Lose Weight


Are you looking for a realistic and healthy way to lose weight quickly? You can actually lose weight by making tiny tweaks to your diet. So if you are looking for a quick way to cut down the pounds, here’s what you can do in a week.

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Say no to processed foods on Sunday

Say no to processed foods on Sunday

Eliminate processed foods on Sunday. Look for foods with no labels on them at the supermarket. Wholesome foods like eggs, chicken and milk can be a good start to your week long weight loss plan.


Let the start of the work-week be a good reason to lay off the alcohol. Get into the habit of staying away from the high spirits that you may be used to. Alcoholic drinks are not only dehydrating but they also prevent you from resisting the nibbling habit.

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Go in for a fibre filled diet. Not only does fibre give you long lasting satiety but it also improves digestion and excretion. Try having fruits or vegetables that are high in fibre for an evening meal.


Wednesday is a good day to eat steadily! Eat smaller portions but more often. This will help you avoid the urge to gobble up more than you need.

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Eat foods high in water content on thursday

Eat foods high in water content on Thursday

Stay away from any food that causes bloating. Onions, broccoli and peppers cause bloating. Stick to water-based produce like cucumbers, spinach and tomatoes. Potassium-rich fruits like bananas and oranges also prevent bloating.


Friday is a good day to flush it all out! Have around 2-3 litres of water to cleanse your bloodstream and give your digestive system the help it needs.

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Befriend protein on saturday

Befriend protein on Saturday

It’s your weekend! What better way to celebrate than to befriend protein! Include protein-rich food in your diet and make it fun! A healthy, protein-rich meal will fill you up and stave off unnecessary snacking.

So now you should be done with a week of healthy eating! This can be a super-healthy way to lose weight, and if you want to lose some more, repeat!

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