The A-Z Of Buying Colored Contact Lenses


We all like to take a shot at looking different from time to time. Some go in for a haircut, some opt for hair color, while some rehash their wardrobe. But, these are common and the truly experimental kind go in for things that people generally don’t expect — colored contact lenses. This move though has its fair share of risks, and it is advisable that research be done on the subject before taking the plunge. In case, you are worried about how things pan out, put your fears to rest because we have the guide that you are looking for.

The Types

opaque tint lens

An opaque tint lens can give you a completely different appearance

Most colored contacts are manufactured in such a way that they resemble the colored portion of the eye (Iris). Opting for types that look the most natural is the way to go. There are in total 3 tints available:

1. Visibility tint: This tint usually has a tinge of green or light blue to it. Tints of this type don’t affect the color of your eyes much.

2. Enhancement tint: Enhancement tint is a shade darker than the visibility tint. As the name goes, it enhances the color of your eyes. People who have light colored eyes are best suited to don them.

3. Opaque tint: Another option that goes according to its name. This tint changes the eye color completely. For people looking forward to a complete makeover like the ones seen in movies, this is the real deal. What’s more, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Choosing the ‘oh so important’ color

green colored lenses

Colored contacts can add a spark to your personality

Your eyes are a reflection of your personality and choosing the right color depends on several factors – hair color, skin tone and most importantly the personality you want to portray.

Light eyes: People having light eyes can focus more on enhancing the edges of the iris and give the natural color a deep look. For example, people having naturally blue eyes can opt for lighter shades of grey or green. This can work provided your skin tone is fair and hair blond or of golden shade.

Dark eyes: People having dark eyes can choose to wear opaque tinted contacts. The likes of light honey-brown or hazel colored lenses can enhance the look very well. In case, you are feeling adventurous purple is the color of choice. This works well for dark skinned people.

Colored Contacts — What they don’t tell you

Colored contacts or for that matter all contacts come in varied sizes. There are times like blinking when the lens slides and gives you a scary appearance, especially if you have dark eyes. Since, the pupils dilate and increase or decrease in size according to the light conditions at hand, vision may be affected to some extent.

Although there is no harm in opting for colored contact lenses and trying out the variety available, one must keep in mind the basic practices for safety. For now, be ready to rock the new look!

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