The Different Types Of Coffee Decoded For The Indian Coffee Lover


The world to me is divided into two kinds of people, those who drink coffee and those who don’t. There is no third kind. I am a coffee drinker. In today’s age, there is a vast host of different types of coffees available for people like me. After eons (little exaggerated) of coffee drinking, I am a self proclaimed pro at distinguishing different types of coffees, but it was not always so. If you are like the past me who loves coffee but gets confused with terms like ‘affogato’ then you have come to the right place. For I am going to help you distinguish between different types of coffee popular in India, which are only a few from the very vast range. You too will be able to call yourself a pro after reading this article!


different types of coffee

An espresso is typically brewed by forcing steam under high pressure through roasted coffee beans. A perfect cup of espresso will have a thicker consistency and have a top layer of foam. You can test the quality when you add sugar to your espresso. If your sugar floats on top of the foam for a few seconds before sinking below, you have got yourself a good cup of coffee.

Espresso also serves as a base for many other types of coffee drinks.

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different types of coffee

Almost all coffee shops today serve its patrons with cappuccino. A good cappuccino is made with equal parts of espresso and equal parts of steamed milk, with a little bit of milk froth on top. You might be served with a cappuccino cup that is sprinkled with a bit of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings as garnish.


different types of coffee

A latte is made much like the way a cappuccino is, but instead of equal parts of milk and espresso, a latte consists of one part of espresso to three parts of steamed milk. If you like to dip your cookies in a milk-based drink, a latte works wonderfully for the purpose. You must have also noticed beautiful art in cups of coffee; that art is known as latte art which is a form of drawing that is done on the foam in your cup of latte.


different types of coffee

Americano originated as a result of Americans who found the traditional Italian espresso too strong for their liking. As a result, they added a cup of hot water to a shot of strong espresso. And that is how the Americano is made. You can add sugar to it or relish it the way it is.

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different types of coffee

A mochachino is similar to a latte in its consistency but differs in the addition of chocolate to the concoction. It is prepared with one shot of espresso, two shots of milk and one part of chocolate, which is generally in the form of cocoa powder. This coffee has a chocolaty flavour and can be garnished with chocolate sauce.


different types of coffee

Affogato can be found in a lot of menus now-a-days under the dessert listing. An affogato is quite easy to make. It consists of a hot shot of espresso, poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream. Voila!

Irish Coffee

different types of coffee

Irish coffee is traditionally made by adding whiskey to sweetened hot coffee and topping it off with a thick layer of fresh cream. To learn how to make Irish coffee at home click here.

Indian Filter Coffee

different types of coffee

Filter coffee is the south Indian way of coffee preparation which is quite popular throughout the country. It is made by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional south Indian filter. Sugar and frothy boiled milk is added to the brewed coffee. It is much sweeter than Italian coffee types.

Instant Coffee

different types of coffee

This is by far the most popular and widely drunk type of coffee in India. It is made of soluble coffee powder that is prepared from brewed coffee beans. It is not as flavourful as freshly brewed coffee right from the beans, but it makes a good cup nonetheless. It is made by mixing a spoon of coffee powder to hot water or milk, and adding sugar to taste.

Now that I have given you the expertise that years of drinking coffee got me, go out and show off your newfound knowledge on different types of coffee, the next time you go out for a cuppa with your pals.


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