The entrance to your house speaks it all


First impression is the best impression. When a person enters your house, he judges the rest of it with just the look of your hallway. Are you surprised? Well, don’t you fall for the look of a sophisticated school at the first glance? What about a celebrity’s house? Don’t you open your mouth in awe when you cross the huge infrastructure of some IT company?

Be it a plumber, postman, neighbour, friends or relatives, they enter your house through the hallway; this explains it all. Your hallway is the first look that any close relative or a stranger gets to see. Hence, don’t you think it is important that the hallway gets its share of limelight and doesn’t stay ignored as just a passage?

So, here are three good home decor ideas that will leave your guests wonderstruck.

Colour up


Colours always have their way of changing people’s mood. Decide on a colour for your entrance. It is advisable to use cool colours. For your house to maintain a subtle look, opt for light shades. Concentrate on your focal point wall. It is the wall that is exposed on opening your entrance door. To give it a contemporary style, paint your focal point wall with a colour that is two shades darker than its adjacent walls. To be more creative, you can also use textures and wallpapers on your walls. Mount a few photo frames on your focal point wall as an add-on.

Wise choice of furniture


Normally, entrances are designed to have adequate space to walk. Therefore, too much of furniture is not encouraged. You can probably opt for a man sized antique vase with a vintage mirror on the wall above it. You can also sport a wall mounted chest with closed storage to store dog leashes, gloves, scarves and the kind. Remember to choose fancy and contemporary furniture that complements your house and your personality.

Lights on!


If the entrance is a small area, choose flush or semi-flush mount fixture for the ceiling. And if your house has more than two storeys, fix a chandelier to make your entrance look fabulous. Make a wise choice by taking into consideration the others factors as well. For example, take notice of your wall colour, the door knob, flooring, etc to fix the appropriate lighting at the entrance.

At the end of this, get ready to be showered with compliments for the fantabulous entrance that your house has.


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