The First Date? Please DON’T Do This!


Breaking the ice on a first date can be bone-chilling. Most of us mess it up unintentionally as in a rush of anxiety, we make the gravest mistake – go overboard on blabbering.

‘You look gorgeous’ got you going, but what next? You can go praising her looks only for so long. Also, even if he is a Tom Cruise look-alike, that can be spoken of just once!

In a fit of nervousness, the best of minds falter. You say things that you, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever want to! So if it is a first date, know that you are not posing for the Ms. or Mr. Honest pageant. Take a long breath, relax, check out these absolute dumpers and get your nerve back!

Do Not Beat Your Brains Out!

Quite literally, do not beat your brains for personal information. How much he earns, what she does on weekends, whether he lives alone, where does she work, who all are in his family, does she like me, and a bunch of endless questions! This is all too much information for a first date that may appear as digging too deep, too soon. Wonder away as much as you may, but do not scare them away by asking them forthright.

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Go Easy On Complaining

Bad first Date

Refrain from complaining about random things on a first date

It sure is on your mind but don’t let it occupy the air around you and your date. Utility bills, loans, mortgage-sharks, how the company is treating you shitty, the neighbor’s dog barking at you each time he sees you, the stalking ex-boyfriend, that you hate politics and foamy coffee… phew! You get it, right? You may walk down the complain-and-cry tunnel if you already don’t like your date. But if you are enjoying the evening, keep these talks away.

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Expectations – Keep Them At Bay!


Do not scare them away citing your expectations

You dream about strolling hand-in-hand under oak trees, you absolutely love kids, marriage is on the cards but just looking for the right guy, you’d love to meet his parents, invite her to the office lunch, and more… These make you look self-obsessed and over-expecting. Don’t lay expectations yet; it’s just the first date. Wait. Find out if this goes any forward. There’s always a right time to talk about dreams and expectations. That time is just NOT the first date.

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Whether this is the first date of your life, or just another first date, these are few things you must always bear in mind. You’ll see how good the evening goes, when it is just on-the-surface talks; no twaddle, but genuine fun!

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