The introvert’s guide to social interaction


You may be humorous, you may be intelligent; but you may not have the practical knowledge to strike a conversation, especially with relatively new people. This is called the curse of the introvert. Here are a few tips to help you connect more and expand your social circle:


Do what you are afraid of

Challenge your inability. The idea is to get out of your shell. Meet new people voluntarily. Your experiences will help you become socially outgoing.

Leave your phone alone

Most introverts have this lousy habit of using their phones as an escape to avoid social interactions. Make it all about real life. Leave aside your virtual addictions.

Ask questions

If you are afraid of conversations, make sure you try and get the other person talking at least. Make him/her feel free to speak about their life. Slowly but surely you will be able to interact more freely and get out of your shell.

Connect with old friends

There are times when you tend to forget the times you were an outgoing person. Meet an old friend and get your confidence back. Be what you are with your old friend with other people as well.

Do not let your past haunt you

If you have had situations in your past that dictate what you are now, then try to forget these situations and start afresh. This will help you get rid of your fear of social interactions and automatically make you more outgoing.


The underlying answer to successful social interaction is believing in yourself. What you think of yourself is what others will think about you. Once you have surpassed this fear, social interactions will be a cakewalk for you. Get out of your shell! ‘I am an introvert’ is just an excuse you keep giving yourself!


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