The magic of Nicolai Friedrich – guaranteed to amaze you!


Last weekend, it was raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai. I was bored sitting at home doing nothing out of the ordinary, and decided to browse through the internet and book tickets for a play or something alike. This is when I realized that Nicolai Friedrich, world renowned mentalist from Germany, is in India, and has a show scheduled for “Today, 7 PM”! I looked at the clock – 3:23 PM. “So what, I cannot miss this show,” I said to myself. Gosh! I need to book tickets, I need to visit the parlour for my mani-pedi, I need to decide what dress to wear, and then at least dab on my face some basic make-up – all this and more before I leave from my house latest by 5:30, so that I reach the auditorium on time (well, Mumbai traffic – you just can’t predict it; more so, during monsoons). I decided to forego my trip to the parlour (sigh!), but yes, it was worth it! :)

The punctual me left on time from my house, and managed to reach St Andrew’s Auditorium in Bandra at 6:50 PM. I collected my ticket and rushed towards the audi. I could see so many people waiting excitedly to enter inside. I could see people – young and old, couples, family and friends – all waiting excitedly!

Finally, the bell rings, we all enter inside, get seated, 7:15 PM the hero of the evening arrives!

Nicolai Friedrich - mentalist and Magician

This 38-year-old magician is quite unlike other performers whose shows you must have witnessed till date. His tricks are something you must have never seen before! For example: He draws a huge bowling ball in a drawing book, and flaps it. “Thud”, falls a huge bowling ball out of the book, and the sketch in the book vanishes. He asks random people in the crowd to narrow down to a card (playing card, of course) and later pulls out the unanimously picked ‘Ace of Diamond’ from the cigarette of a man in the audience! And mind you, his sleeves are folded up, and his fingers separated to prove that there’s no foul play.

Nicolai invites a volunteer from the audience to verify there's no foul play in his floating table act

Nicolai invites a volunteer from the audience to ascertain there’s no foul play in his floating table act

He can influence your thoughts, I guess. How else can you explain the fact that he already had predicted what a woman in the audience would think, when she was asked to choose a place for a trip, and other details about this imaginary “trip”?

Nicolai Friedrich quips that he enjoys time travel

Nicolai Friedrich quips that he enjoys time travel

There were several other tricks that he showed which clearly showcase his prowess as a Mentalist and a magician – which, well, didn’t look like deceptive acts of the hands even a bit. I urge you, only for the experience of it, do attend his show in case he happens to visit your town. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth every single penny, minute and ya, the missed parlour visit too!

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