The Quickest And Easiest Cheese Fondue Recipe Ever!


cheese_fondueCheese fondue… Mmm… Just the name of this gorgeous doubly decadent dish makes my mouth water. This traditional Swiss dish that originated in the Alps was initially a hearty peasant meal. Back in the Alps they made the finest yet richest la fondue with easily available and simple ingredients like a few different cheeses, wine and simple peasant bread. Over the years, this Swiss staple has seen many transitions and today it’s everybody’s favorite dip-bits-of-food-in-a-communal-pot appetizer.

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Since cheese is something everybody loves, why not learn how to make this amazingly delicious, and easy-to-make cheese fondue!


1 clove garlic

2 cups thick cream

2 tsp dry mustard (rai) powder

700 gms cheese cubes or cheese slices – grated

3 tbsp flour

Salt and pepper to taste

Choice of dippers (toasted bread, garlic bread, steamed veggies, smoked chicken, roasted paneer)

Cheese fondue is easier to make than you thought!

Cheese fondue is easier to make than you thought!

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Method: Take a fondue pot. If you don’t have one, use a good non-stick pot. Cut the garlic clove in small fine pieces or grate it straight into the pot using a cheese grater. Now, add the cream to the pot. Light the flame on low, and warm the mixture. Ensure that it does not reach boiling point. Now add the mustard powder, flour, and grated cheese (a little at a time) and let it melt slowly. Keep stirring with a wooden spatula. Once all the cheese has melted, season with salt and pepper and serve immediately with choice of dippers.

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And that’s about it! I won’t waste any more of your time here, so en guete!

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