The Simplest And Coolest Nail Colouring Trend Is Here


Are you bored with the same old style of nail polish you’ve been applying since years? Do you want to see your nails grabbing attention, but are not too great at nail art? Well, in that case, there’s an easy way out. Simply colour one of your nails in a colour different from the other four fingers on your hand.

That’s right! Though it may sound and look weird to you at first, overtime you will realise that it’s a truly cool way to style your nail. This is a trend that many Hollywood divas have sported; Beyonce and Vanessa Hudgens are a couple of them.

Ring finger is the favourite amongst many, for this trend

Ring finger is the favourite amongst many, for this trend

Undoubtedly you can render that special treatment to any finger of your hand, but the ring finger seems to be the unanimous favourite! Whichever finger you choose to colour differently (let’s call it ‘the lucky finger’), the benefits of following this trend are:

  1. You break yourself free of the boring old school way of painting the nails
  2. Colour blocking!
  3. You can simultaneously put on display two sexy nail colours you possess
  4. You can easily follow suit on the other hand as well, unlike nail art for which you need to be an ambidextrous artist of sorts

Though the technique sounds extremely easy, you need to bear in mind one thing – the lucky finger should stand out.

This means, use a brighter colour for the lucky finger, or highlight it with nail decor, sparks or glitter. What’s the point if the lucky finger is painted in a dull colour and fails to grab attention? Gold, silver and neon colours are a safe bet for the lucky finger, as they do tend to be easily noticeable. Applying glitter on the lucky finger also serves the purpose. Whatever colour or trick you choose, do not forget the aforementioned mantra – the lucky finger should stand out!

Choose your lucky finger!

Choose your lucky finger!

Now that you know of this trend, are you game to show off this fun way of styling your nails?


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