The Ultimate Guide For The Plus-Size Shopper


Whether you’re heading to your favourite boutique, preparing for an online-shopping spree, or simply browsing the shops for nothing in particular, you do know this for a fact, that as a plus-size fashion shopper, you may not have as many choices as your slimmer sisters. Though it might look harder at first, there are some ways to quickly make out whether a piece is made with quality and comfort in mind.

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Fashion for plus sized women

Fashion for plus sized women

As a plus-size shopper, you must remember that it’s not about dressing ‘thin’ or settling for whatever flatters your figure; but it’s about knowing what details to look for in an item. So that when you put it on, you’ll think, “Oh yeah, I look good!” Well, prepare to be thinking that a lot because we are here to guide you to pick the best off the rack.

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Choose oversized clothes that are not baggy

Choose oversized clothes that are not baggy

Shortcuts don’t work

Anything that exists on a garment should have a purpose. For instance, if you’re going to wear an elastic waistband, make sure it’s meant to be an elastic waistband. We’re talking about dressed-up track pants, a.k.a. jeggings. Why were they even made?!!! Although their elastic waistbands look right because the style is supposed to have an elastic waist, but the fabric – khakis or denims – that come with this feature scream, “THIS IS A SHORTCUT” – put them back, right away.

Over-sized versus Baggy

There’s a major difference between over-sized and baggy. Over-sized is deliberate, and these items are meant to be slouchy or draped (wear them with slim fitted, body-hugging pieces to balance out the proportions). Baggy, on the other hand, probably means the manufacturers didn’t want to, or couldn’t afford to fit something properly, so they just sized up. Surely, ‘baggy’ rhymes with ‘saggy’ for a reason.

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Bold prints work for plus sized women

Bold prints work for plus sized women

Last but never the least, fashion choice for plus-sized women is prints. If you love prints, you’ll find that plus-size pieces usually look way better with larger and bolder prints. The best designers out there do understand this, and hence they won’t try to put you into florals or micro polka dots. Instead, they’ll choose bold paisley, floral, huge graphic or abstract prints. If you prefer solid tones, look for clear, true colours. They make your clothes look more exquisite, and make you feel more chic.

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