The Ultimate Guide To Buying Perfumes Like A Pro


Everyone loves buying perfumes. There are perhaps very few people who haven’t tried a fragrance in their lifetime. But, only few know about the details that go into these fragrances. The difficulty comes when you go to buy one for yourself online or the sales person throws hard-hitting terms like EDT, EDP, etc. The feeling of confusion reigns supreme. So, without further ado, we give you a masterful guide on fragrances. Take notes.

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There are two essential ingredients involved in any fragrance – one is the essential oils and the other is the alcohol content involved.

1. Eau De Cologne

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Eau de cologne

Out of all the four major fragrances, this is the lightest. The essential oil percentage lies somewhere between 5-8% and a base of diluted alcohol ranging from 70-90%.

2. Eau De Toilette

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Eau de toilette

This fragrance is known to be a notch higher than the Cologne. The first and foremost thing to know that the term ‘Toilette or Toilet’ has nothing related to the loo ;)  In this context, it means personal grooming. With a concentration of 8-12% essential oils, the fragrance is directly applied to the skin after bathing or shaving.

3. Eau De Parfum

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Eau de parfum

This fragrance type is stronger than the Eau De Toilette but not more than the Parfum. This is the favored type of fragrance across the world because of its ability to last throughout the day. It consists of 12-20% essential oils.

4. Parfum

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If you ever wanted to know who the mother of all fragrances is, then it’s this. Clocking in a solid 20+ percent of essential oils, it is the fragrance to beat. It is also known as Perfume, Extract or Extrait De Parfum. Given its strong sense of fragrance, caution needs to be taken while wearing it. Over enthusiasm could lead to you smelling like a garden of flowers.

While all the nerds out there may harp about the specifications, one must know that the classifications are for knowledge sake. To make things simple, one man’s Eau De Toilette may be other man’s Cologne. Liquid balms and solid colognes are the wild card entries in this list. Although, they may never be able to replace the aforementioned fragrances, they are an absolute essential when it comes to those intimate moments.

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Anatomy of it all

The anatomy of the fragrance can be broken down into 3 simple notes, much like music. These are the 3 major notes in play:

Top Note: This is very volatile. After the initial blast, the scent disappears quickly.

Heart Note: This is also known as the middle note as it lasts more than the top note. One hour is the usual time limit.

Base Note: The base note is what you get after the top and heart note have worn off.

The family in short

While there are plenty of families under which the fragrances can be classified. The industry standard describes only 4 and they are fresh, woody, floral and oriental.

Now that you know your fragrances well enough, go ahead and try them out with élan. Though, don’t forget to thank us later.

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