Things a woman should do without her husband


Newbie couples tend to overdo the ‘do things together’ idea. Do things together, but don’t do everything together! Leave space for you to explore yourself and to meet your friends and chill, lest you get tired of doing things with him. Keep the love alive but don’t let the familiarity become overwhelming. Let the space between you both, once in a while, be the reason for a greater, more intense love.

Watch a movie

woman watching a movie alone

You have watched many movies with him, now it’s time to watch a movie with your girlfriends, just to revisit the good ol’ days.

Eat at your favourite restaurant

Try to explore different foods that you would like to try even if your lover isn’t that much into it. Do it yourself! Try taking your friends out or do it alone. Be a connoisseur for the evening! It can be real fun!

Hang out

Do the usual hang out that you used to back then. Group up with your old friends and just chill with them to experience the nostalgia!

Go for a concert

There are times when your music likes and dislikes clash as a couple. It doesn’t matter. Let your individuality survive and go for your favourite concert!

Go for a drive

woman driving alone

He may prefer to watch television on his couch after a stressful day at work. You may prefer otherwise. Make it happen if he doesn’t want to step out. Go for a drive yourself or take some friends along.

Whatever you do without him, make sure that it is in the best interest of your love for him. Do not do anything to make him feel jealous if you really care for him. All in all, let not your individuality fade away for the sake of a relationship, but strike the balance right!

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