Things Men Wish That Women Knew


No one really knows what is with men and them hiding their feelings. Even though your man may be quite familiar with your likes and dislikes, what is the guarantee that you know the same about him? While women jabber constantly about what they want and what they like, men choose to remain silent.

But, only when women know what is going on inside their man’s head, can they make an attempt to please him. This does not mean that all men are going to step out of their comfort zone to acknowledge facts. To make it easy for all the women out there, here are five things that men wish you knew.

“I too can get possessive”


Men go green when their woman goes gaga over other men in front of them (Damn you! Arjun Rampal and your six pack abs). When you indulge in long talks about how your guy friend is funny or about your colleague’s super husband qualities, your man can easily end up worrying about your feelings for him. This may seem hard to believe because men don’t usually admit to it. However, they too can get possessive.

“I genuinely like cuddling”


Normally, women think that men cuddle hoping for sex. Though that can be one of the reasons, some men cuddle with no sexual intention. Men like to simply hug their partner and feel the warmth of their bodies against each other or to play with each other’s fingers while having long pillow talks. But, for reasons unknown, they refuse to admit it.

“I can easily shy away”


It is true that many men do not explore other sex activities/positions and indulge in ‘it’ the same way always. This is because of the fear of rejection and embarrassment to attempt anything out of the ordinary. In their imaginations, men tend to tear of their woman’s jacket and give her an orgasm that she will recall to be the best every single time; whereas in reality, they shy away thinking that she might simply say no to adventures. When you take control of the situation, your man’s sex life can achieve the next level and he can avoid worries about embarrassment.

“Sigh! I am the bread winner of our family”


Though men never volunteer to be the bread winner of their family, they are duty-bound to do so. Globally, it is an accepted trend that a man earns for his family, while a woman tends to household chores. Though this perception has changed over the time, men are still obligated to slog for their family’s well-being. By supporting him and appreciating his contribution to your family, you are making him feel good. Men act like they don’t care about appreciations on the outside, but inside, they are humans too. They long to be recognised and encouraged by their family members.

“I love you hamesha and forever”


Men lack in creativity or let’s just say that they have less creativity when compared to women. They fail to constantly show their love through materials and actions. “What do you mean by reminding about my love? I am in a relationship because I love my partner. Isn’t that obvious enough?” says Abhay, an IT professional. Even though men don’t feel the urge to express their love frequently, they always love their partner dearly.

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