8 Things We Miss About School And College


School and college form an important part of everyone’s life. No matter how much you are enjoying your current life, there’s probably no comparison to the fun that school and college life has to offer. Not only have those years shaped your life, they have given you lasting memories and friends to die for. So, here we take a look at the good old days and find out all those things we miss about school and college.

1. Bunking college was perhaps the best memory that anyone who has had remotely cool college friends can agree to. The kick derived from going to various places and quietly slipping into your house on time is unmatched. As for the empty notebooks, who needs notes when you have a razor sharp memory, right?


Bunking college will forever be fun.

2. Proxies have to be second on the list. And this is exactly the reason why being friends with a large people in your classroom helped. Of course, you had to repay the favour when it was your turn. That feeling of forging your friend’s signature or making false attendance calls was exhilarating… obviously, leaving out the times when you or your friend got caught!

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3. Chatting in a teacher’s lecture during school times was fraught with risks. But, we all did it anyway (at least most of us did). You could get some serious punishment and would be thrown out of the class. Did that in anyway matter? Not really. Laughing it off with your friend outside the class and fake apologies to the teacher after the lecture were the highlights of the whole drama.

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4. The final bell was your gateway to total freedom. Few can forget the eternal joy that one derived after the final bell rang. The competition with your buddies to be the first to rush out of the school gate was moments to cherish.

5. The school uniform gave you a certain identity. The pride with which you wore it and strutted along on the streets can’t be compared to any other feeling. Getting into heated debates with children of other schools over whose uniform is cooler, was just the icing on the cake. Oh, and how can we forget the lowered ties and the folded sleeves – swag unlimited!

school uniform

School uniform was matter of pride

6. Sports week in both school and college were the ultimate source of entertainment. You’d want to be part of every event and try to win as many medals as possible. Bragging rights were high on the agenda, and yeah, the attention of hot girls in the entire school and college too.

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7. Birthdays in school and college were the occasion to let loose. While in school it concerned us if others got that extra chocolate from the birthday boy/girl, in college it meant a full blown treat. And, yes booze is included!


8. Vacation countdowns were the stuff of legends when the exams were about to get over. The plans that were put in place and the trips that one would have with friends all formed a crucial part of life. After all, it was the only time you were free from the clutches of your parents and teachers.

Regardless of where you are in your life currently, these memories will always stay etched in a special corner of your heart. So all you got to do is keep that inner child alive and let it loose once in a while.

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