Things Nobody Tells You About Getting Married


Marriages are made in heaven but marriage rules, not really. When I was getting married, I was being showered by the old wise grandma advices; so much so that I could write my own book on ‘Surviving Marriage’. Every other person I knew or met, was talking twaddle and truths, freezing my brain.

All said and done, it is only once you are married that you discover brand new things no one ever told you. So from my own bag of experiences, let me tell you things nobody tells you about getting married.

Marriage is all about ‘Making it Work’, and a lot at that!


Marriage is all about ‘Making it Work’!

Whether you are married or yet to be, do know – marriage is about making it work. And let’s face it – you got to be at it diligently, day in and day out. Yes, you will remain married every day for the rest of your life, but without extra bits of love and dedication, guys, it’s going to be a long tough journey. So let your guard down, and face it head on.

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Marriage is not a Bed of Roses


Communication is the key to resolving disputes

If you thought marriage is sheer bliss with rose petals and wine, think again. Marriage is not a bed of roses. There’s lots of ups and downs married couples face. At times, you may not even want to be in the same room with them. But as they say, even the darkest hour of the night is followed by dawn. Just remember – talking it out is the golden rule in marriages.

Marriage is Learning to Live with Imperfections


Time and again, remind yourself – he is not perfect, neither are you. Marriage is learning to live with imperfections. You hate it when he snores, hate it when she talks loudly over the phone, he leaves his socks in the living room each day… Such things are petty and ought to be forgotten. Do not set your marriage on fire by grilling your spouse on such tad issues.

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Marriage is not just about Sex

There's more to marriage than sex

There’s more to marriage than sex

If you dived head first thinking marriage is all about steamy sex nights every day for the rest your life, you really need to take a break. There is more to marriage than obligated love-making each night. You may not be in the mood, he may be tired, and it’s totally okay to have sex-less nights. Save yourself the anxiety, instead enjoy the kissing and cuddling, for a change.

Marriage is Accepting in-laws as your Own

accepting in-laws

Accept your in-laws as your own family

Believe me, this is the last thing someone would tell you. His family is not another family; they’re your own now. So no matter how irritating your sister-in-law is or how sarcastic your mother-in-law gets, you have to learn to accept them as your own family; the sooner, the better. After all, they are here in the long run, with you.

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You may or you may not like what we just shared, but trust us on this, if you remember these things nobody tells you about getting married, it is half the battle won already. Did we miss anything? Chime in!

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