Things Not To Be Said To Your Boss


Irrespective of whether your boss is intolerable, or whether he is polite, there are some things you just cannot afford to say, unless of course you’re willing to forego your promotion. So, here are certain things which should be not be mentioned to your boss.

What to not say to your boss

I have a hangover

A very common thing to happen especially on a Monday morning is that you have a hangover. Make sure your boss doesn’t discover those dirty secrets from last night. Eat a pill, use foundation or concealer to hide the puffs and keep guzzling coffee to make through the day.

I can’t work with some other worker

Bitching is fun and time pass, but you should never express those feelings in front of your senior, as that speaks poorly of you and your character. You should put your best effort in and hide your callous feeling about that particular co-worker.

Let me hook you up with (someone)

You want to axe your own foot? Try setting up your single boss up with a friend of yours. Firstly, your boss may come to know some dirty dark secrets of your life you never wished to disclose. Secondly, if the set up doesn’t work well, you will be held responsible. So, good luck dealing with that!

That’s not my job (to do a specific task)

Occasionally, you are given a task which is slightly out of the ordinary. If you have any difficulty, take aid, but do it! Telling your boss that it’s not your job (to that specific piece of work) won’t strike the right chord with him. And well, surfing the net isn’t quite in your job description, is it? But don’t you do it anyway?

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