Things that a man looks for in a partner


You may think that it is easy to guess what every guy wants from a girlfriend. But you may be mistaken. If you are one of them who stereotype men, well, you’re wrong, because every man is unique. Probably some of them do have similar needs from their girl, but a bunch of them look for some things that you wouldn’t imagine they’d look for. Here are a few:

Men love women who are secure

Men love women who are secure

A woman who has a life of her own

Most men like women who take care of themselves, pay attention to their personal style and find time to hang out with their friends and family. Women, who seek adventure by travelling, indulge in life’s pleasures and do not dot depend on you for every fun thing they do, are especially attractive to men.

A woman who doesn’t always make the first move

Women are known to be graceful and demure by nature. Men usually perceive this in a woman and wouldn’t like a girlfriend who makes the first move in lovemaking every time.

A woman who does the little things to show she cares

Men love it when a girl does the little things to show care. Bringing home his favourite snack, doing his bed for him when he is tired, and maybe even trying to make him smile when he is dejected are some little things that men love their women doing.

A woman who isn’t insecure

It is important to build a woman’s trust, but after a period of time, the woman should be able to feel secure without being reassured of love too often. Men love women who do not overemphasize their insecurities.

A woman who is sexy without being a tramp

Men love women who are sexy enough without being too bold. Men are in fact repulsed by most women who behave like tramps.

Men love women who care about the little things

Men love women who can be sexy without being a tramp

If you manage to be all of this to your partner, then you can be sure that he will keep you close to his heart.

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