Men get talking about women’s attempts to impress them!


We wear clothes that not only make us feel comfortable but also appealing. To put it bluntly, people dress up with a subconscious intention to please others around them. Talking particularly about women, most of them dress up to attract the male population. How many of you women returned home disappointed because the day you wore a new dress, your crush was not at office to notice it? Whether you agree or not, this is the underlying truth beneath all those saris, jeans and other outfits. However, sometimes, in an attempt to look beautiful and attract men, women commit a few blunders too.

On doing a survey about men’s opinions on women’s fashion and beauty trends, this is what we found out.

Make up or no make up


Question: Do you like it when women use bold red lipstick?


“Wear it for parties but not to office. I just can’t take its brightness hitting my eye; like some form of attention that she is trying to gain”, says Taher, 27.

Conclusion: Many men think it is a mere attention seeking strategy used by women.


Question: By wearing sexy lingerie, does your partner succeed in turning you on?

Software engineer Abhinav says, “Someone has to appreciate her efforts, right? I like it; especially the laced ones.”

Conclusion: Men clearly do not mind their partner sporting sexy lingerie as far as it is easy to take off! ;)


Question: Do you find it sexy when your partner gets a piercing ‘down there’?

“The idea sounds like a painful ride; so, no… I don’t appreciate the idea. Just be clean, that will do for me”, winks Shashank, a college goer.

Conclusion: It’s bad news for those girls who pierced already as many men disapprove of the idea and consider it disturbing during the act.


Question: Do you approve of nail art?


Chaitanya, a bank officer, confesses, “No, I don’t want my wife to be a couch potato, fearing her nail art gets destroyed. It’s nothing but a waste of time.”

But Shriram Subramanian, an MSc student, has a different opinion to share, “My girlfriend is really good at doing nail art. I don’t see a reason why I should discourage her talent. Girls apply nail polish anyway. So, isn’t it better that my girl stands out in the crowd! In fact, I feel proud when people compliment her art.”

Conclusion: This is a 50-50 vote. While some men like the attempt and consider some designs to be sexy, other men consider it to be a total waste of time.


Question: Do you like women to wear high heels and wedges?


“Because I am 6 feet tall, it helps me when my girl sports heels. I love her either way, but it’s just that it is more comfortable for a quick hug and things like that”, chuckles Raviraj Shetty, a journalist. He further said, “Not just that, I feel a girl looks more confident and sexy when in heels.”

On the other hand, Samyash, a 5’10″ tall fitness enthusiast, prefers girls in flats. “Be it flat flip-flops or sneakers, girls are better wearing them. I mean, I’ve seen girls minding each step when they are sporting heels. They may be able to walk in heels, but what’s the point if you’re so slow that others have to reduce their pace just to be with you. It really tests my patience.”

Conclusion: Majority of the boys agree with Samyash, and prefer girls in flats. But on special occasions and parties, they don’t mind their girl standing tall in heels.


Question: Do you like it when your partner wears makeup?


“No, I once missed a movie date because my girlfriend reached late. You know why? Because she was busy applying makeup! I feel very conscious when she has too much makeup layering on her face. I can’t tell her directly else, she might start a fight about it”, says Sandesh, a production manager.

Conclusion: To my surprise, this question had a unanimous answer – ‘no’. Guys like girls best with just the basic makeup on.

Well, it seems like not all the attempts by women have gone down the drain. Worry not, if your question received a negative response; for all you care, men too can be bad with fashion trends.


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