Things that mess with your hormones


There are times when you suddenly feel agitated at the drop of a hat. Well, we all do, and we tend to blame hormones. But the truth of the matter is, it is hormones! Hormones affect everything from our appetite to our weight to our moods and everything related. This hormonal spiking isn’t always bound to happen and usually occurs due to some habits that we have. Let us look at some habits that mess with our hormonal balance.

Candy bars


Eating foods that contain a high level of sugar directly affects your weight and this can lead your body to become resistant to insulin, the hormone that moves sugar into your bloodstream so your cells can get the energy they need.

Late night stress

late night stress

The level of the hormone cortisol usually drops late at night, helping you to sleep. But when you stay awake at this time and stress, your cortisone levels keep surging.



Sleep deprivation has a very severe effect on your hormonal balance and insomnia raises your cortisol levels as well. Your blood sugar rises as an after-effect which makes you crave food. This turns into a vicious cycle that influences your hormonal balance.

Lack of regular exercise

If you keep skipping gym day, you might end up ruining your hormonal balance as well. Without regular exercise, your body won’t produce and release the optimal amount of endorphins (the hormones that make you feel positive and alert). Exercise also increases the levels of your sex hormones.

Crash diets

Crash diets affect hormonal balance

A sudden decrease in body fat levels due to a low calorie intake lowers estrogen levels in your body. Even super-intense workout sessions that decrease unhealthy amount of body fat suddenly, can affect your hormonal levels and cause mood swings.


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