Things that women like in men apart from six packs


It is a misconception that men look good only when they acquire six packs body and triceps. Whether it is a cute dimple when he smiles or his squirrel face when he takes medicines, there are many things men do unintentionally that women totally fall for.

Won’t you go all ‘awww’ when you notice some left out shaving cream still on your husband’s clean shaven chin? There are several small but cute things that men do without much notice that make us drool.

To spot a man with shorts and uncombed hair (like he got up straight from bed) at Juhu beach, Mumbai, walking his dog on a Sunday morning is cute. It is all the more cute when you see him bonding with his pet, snuggling and kissing the little one. How about noticing your boyfriend being a ‘cute daddy’ for a kid whose parents are busy loading their baggage in the car?

Here are the five best unplanned acts by men which women totally fall for.

Rolling up their shirt sleeves

Do you know how many women go to the theatre just to watch Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor roll up his sleeve or toss his hair? While some women find men folding their sleeves to be sexy and cute, others find it ‘hot’ when men wear either white or black coloured full sleeve formal shirt. If this sounds weird to you, ask any woman in your life about her take on this. She would definitely agree.

Leaning forward or against the table

Let’s imagine your boss is leaning against your cabin door with his hands folded and making conversation with you; what is your first reaction? Won’t you admire his sexy pose for at least a second?  Mind you, it is an unintentional act that we’re talking about. No one likes it when a boss leans against the door in a flirtatious way. If you are a party person, you would’ve definitely noticed men leaning against the bar counter or any table in the surrounding area. Women find it cute and appealing when men sip their alcohol leaning against the bar counter.

Smiling softly to themselves

Don’t you already agree? When a man recalls a funny incident and smiles softly to himself, it is the cutest thing that women adore. That slight smile with a pinch of redness and cute dimples, ahh… men do look cute that time!

A tear drop or two

Men rarely shed tears. By this, I mean just a few tear drops and not a waterfall, unlike women (don’t argue, it is true). I don’t mean to be a sadist here; but, it is just cute when they cry. An additional cuteness to this situation is when the tip of their nose turns pinkish. With so much cuteness personified, we sit and admire them instead of giving a shoulder to cry on.

‘You caught me’ look

This is the best unintended expression by men. Be it catching them sleep during lectures, or worst, snoring in a passenger train, they give a cute ‘you caught me’ look. No one can resist this puppy face that men make unintentionally; it is cute to the extent of taking them home to be a stuffed toy in the showcase.

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