Things They Don’t Tell You When You Get A Pixie Cut


Pixie cut is the talk of the town and you can’t wait to flaunt it yourself. All research done and the stylist booked. You can barely wait for Saturday to flood your social media pages with the new look. But wait a minute! There are things they don’t tell you when you get a pixie cut. Want to know what they are?

Nothing Lasts Forever

You may have your apprehensions but rest assured, it’s just the hair. Worried if you do not like it as much or if the craze starts to wear off? Tell you what, here’s the good news – nothing lasts forever and this is your hair we are talking about. It’ll grow back before you know and then you can style it as you like and get rid of the pixie.

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Yes, It’s A Mullet Show; But For A While

Pixie Cut

A Pixie Cut needs Regular Trimming

The edges will grow all awkward and run out of shape, that too fast. They’ll poke from all corners and in all manners. You’ll start to think if this is what you signed for. But there’s a trick to avoid this. Make sure you get it trimmed every 3-4 weeks. Surprised? We bet no one told you a pixie cut comes with regular salon trips.

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Not All May Like It

You chose the hairstyle because you like it. It is not necessary that your friends, neighbors, colleagues will admit they like it too. It’s perfectly okay to receive mixed responses. Do not be disappointed. It’s your hair; what’s important is how you like it.

Your Face Will Be More Prominent

Pixie Cut

Famous Actresses who chose Pixie Cut

Those fringes that cover your forehead marks, the long hair that covered your cheeks when you let them loose – no more exist. Your hair’s shorter and much short at that. And so your face is exposed fully. Make sure you use appropriate make-up to conceal the pimple marks. On a different note, this may be the time for you to try a new make-up look.

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Is There A Wedding To Attend?

We can bet our lives that no one told you about this one; not even your stylist. Check your calendar to see if there are weddings or functions to attend few months down the line. You may not want to look out-of-place with the pixie cut at a traditional family get-together if you are planning to wear a saree.

Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

Have a detailed conversation with your stylist. Make sure she’s understood what you have in your mind. Better ask for suggestions as to what suits your facial features and hair texture. Bring in enough reference pictures so she knows what she has to do. After all, you do not want to get a Ginnifer Godwin if you have an Anne Hathaway in your mind.

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Pixie cut is the next new. They are cool, edgy, feminine, trendy and the choice of the smart, bold and beautiful. Make it yours and be the sip of envy at parties!

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