Things to consider before filing for divorce


Do you intend on getting a divorce? The consequences of divorce can be critical and long lasting. Have you ever thought about these consequences? Here are a few things you may want to consider before thinking of filing for divorce:


Do you still have feelings for your spouse?

Are your feelings still alive? Are they powerless only because of the problem that is over-riding your marriage? If you do have feelings, then it is unwise to call things off. The vows you have made are bigger than any problem you may face. Unless these vows have been broken consistently, don’t even consider divorce when your love is still alive.

Is it divorce you want or are you just threatening divorce?

Are you angry with your spouse for threatening divorce over an argument or do you use threats yourself to overpower arguments? This is baseless. The entire idea stems out of ‘spur of the moment’ instillation of fear.

Is your decision emotional?

There are times when emotions get the better of us. Have you considered things with a cool head? Use your head not your heart for decisions like these. The ramifications of such an emotion based decision should be a fear huge enough to stay away from divorce.

Have you measured the after effects?

When we take decisions impulsively, we tend to freeze out long term consequences. Have you sat down and thought about how this may affect your life and his?

Is your decision affecting others too?


Sometimes, we tend to be selfish and not consider others. If you have children, have you considered how this may affect them practically? If it will, then you must reconsider your decision to see if it is worth it.

Is it worth the speculation from society?

Even in today’s world you have to consider what society will say. Are you alright with being tagged a divorcee? Think about this decision.

Consider these basic questions before you take that giant leap. This is a huge decision to take. Some claim that it is more nerve wrecking than considering marriage as well. Let such a decision never be impulsive. Take your time and decide whether it is absolutely necessary or it can be avoided.

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