Things to remember while having sex during periods


Couples use several types of contraception to avoid pregnancy. While some people prefer using condoms for protection or control their climax, some others simply prefer to indulge in sexual intercourse during the woman’s monthly periods. For many people this may be gross; but surprisingly, doctors recommend sex during periods for couples who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If you are planning to have sex during menstrual bleeding, it is important for you to follow some precautions well in advance.

Safety measures

Just because it is not possible to conceive while indulging in sexual intercourse during periods, doesn’t mean you can indulge in it without any safety measures. Hygiene is more important than pleasure. It is important to make sure that you don’t transfer any infections to your partner. STD can be easily transferred when you indulge in unhygienic and unprotected sex. Make sure you are clean before and after the act. Therefore, a condom is compulsory. Even though you might be the couple who doesn’t like to use condoms, doctors advise that the male partner should use one while indulging in the act to avoid spreading any sort of transmittable infections.


For some men, indulging in sex might not be an issue even if his partner is menstruating. But, cleanliness is important. Maintain personal hygiene before you begin the act. Have a shower and change your sanitary napkin before and after sex.



Menstrual cramps can be painful especially during the first two days of it. Therefore, make sure that your partner penetrates inside you slowly. If the pain increases, it is advisable to stop the act and wait until you finish your periods. Usually, the pain is because the reproductive system is weak at this time. Health comes first; so, take care.

No orgasm

Stimulating the spot during her periods can affect her reproductive system. Therefore, avoid orgasm.

It is advisable to value your health conditions and wait until you are done with your monthly periods before having sex. This is for your own personal hygiene and health reasons. I am sure that you don’t want to embarrass yourselves with blood stained bed sheets after the act.

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