Things You Can Do In Every Other Country Except In India


India is a great country with a diversified lineage of quirky yet amicable people. As much as Indians enjoy freedom and the ability to boast of how great we are, one cannot help but wonder if we really are free. We live in a country where pissing in public is okay, but should you dare to kiss your better half at a public place, everybody loses their mind.

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Here are a few examples of things that you commonly see in other countries but in India are deemed as rare occurrences:

  1. Giving kids Sex Ed

Mean Girls_Sex ed

“Chee, he said the word ‘penis’ in school!” – is probably the kind of reaction you’ll get, followed by a volley of laughter and/or childish jokes. But feel free to try your luck anyway. Just try not being too explicit and offend their parents, or “somebody gonna get a hurt real bad”.

  1. Coming across people who mind their own business


Ever sat in the park, reading a book when all of a sudden you got that all too familiar feeling that someone is staring at you? Well, that’s probably because they are. Indians can’t help but stop and stare!

  1. Marrying the person you love


It’s a common trend in India to love someone and end up marrying a complete stranger. Why? In India, one doesn’t simply get to marry the love of their life – for the couple must also have compatible horoscopes, belong to the same caste/sub-caste, and must also be willing to comply with each other’s entire family. Get used to bidding adieu to the love of your live.

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  1. Remaining a bachelor or spinster


May god save your soul if you decide to tell your family that you aren’t ready for marriage. Not getting married is taboo amongst Indian family etiquette, and your entire family will be after your life until you finally succumb to marriage.

  1. Boys in school sporting long hair

School boy long hair

If you’re a boy with long hair in school, be prepared for a world of trouble! Aside from being mocked and termed a “girl” by your classmates and teachers alike, be prepared for a nice long talk with the principal… and probably expulsion. There is no room in this country for being yourself or being original.

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  1. Choosing a career path based on your likes


While we’re on the topic of originality, it’s only fair to remind you why you became what you are today – because your parents told you to do so. Wanted to be a writer but your parents urged you to become a doctor? No worries. Just blame it on mommy dearest and join the club.

  1. Stopping before a zebra crossing


A zebra crossing is a strip of painted road, for pedestrians to cross over safely. The rule of thumb being, vehicles must yield before the crossing if they so much as see a pedestrian step foot on it. But to hell with all that, THIS IS INDIA!!! We park on the zebra crossing… and on top of you if you were walking (pronounced ‘loitering’) on it.

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  1. Making way for ambulances and other emergency vehicles


People in most other countries will pull off to the shoulder, the moment they hear a siren. In India, however, sirens don’t mean anything and people will reluctantly move an inch to give way to emergency vehicles. Our logic – “Hey, it’s the patient’s fault; he ate too much junk food and had a cardiac arrest. Now let him battle for life waiting for the signal to go green.”

So, the next time you decide to kiss in public, don’t feel embarrassed if people gawk at you. After all, this is a one quirky nation – Incredible India!

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