Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo


Thinking of getting inked? Let me tell you one thing honestly – tattoos are not temporary or just for fun! You must realize that a tattoo requires commitment (it’s the real deal just like relationships), so before you go and get a tattoo, keep these tips in mind… and do share it with your friends who might also be thinking of getting a tattoo just because you decided to get one.

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Tattooing process is painful

Tattooing process is painful… but not unbearable

  • Never Google a tattoo, unless you want what everyone has. There are just too many feather tattoos out there, you don’t want to look like you’re part of a “group”. A tattoo should be unique and reflect your personality.
  • Think about what you can happily flaunt all your life and not just for a few years. Ask friends, family members, and reputed tattoo artists for input. A tattoo artist can also help you decide on something that’s unique. Most artists already have some designs which they haven’t made on anyone.
  • Ensure you pick a good and experienced tattoo artist to do the job for you. A good tattoo artist will do a good job and will be clean and hygienic. But be patient, as well-known and good artists have a waiting list. Use the time you have to do some research on your tattoo or to save money.
  • A good tattoo is not cheap, it’s expensive; and if you want a good artist to do it for you, it would require more money. Remember that the price of a tattoo is non-negotiable, but if you know the artist personally you may get a discount. Besides, since you are going to have the tattoo forever, it’s worth the amount you spend.
  • If you’re getting a tattoo with words or letters, PROOFREAD to ensure there aren’t any spelling errors. A tattoo that spells your partner or parent’s name wrong is the last thing you want.
Angelina Jolie flaunts her tattoos

Angelina Jolie flaunts her tattoos

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  • Also decide where you want to get the tattoo done. Tattoos on hands and feet fade faster. Tattoos on ribs, feet, butt and any place near a bone will hurt the most. Remind yourself again and again that a tattoo will be painful and you must be ready and willing to go through it if you are serious.
  • Before going for a tattoo, eat well, practise breathing exercises, get a good night’s sleep and avoid alcohol at all costs as it can thin your blood causing you to bleed more. Yes, there will be some blood, especially if the tattoo has a lot of depth and shading in it.
  • Getting the tattoo will hurt, but not as much as a needle does when a nurse draws your blood! If you’re afraid of needles, you may want to give the idea of getting a tattoo done a miss.
  • Once you get your tattoo, it will look fabulous immediately after it’s done. But while it’s healing, it will scab like a cut and burn/itch like sunburn. It will also dry out and start to peel after a couple of days. It is this time that you need to care for the tattoo. You must not let your tattoo get wet; so avoid contact with water and sweat to avoid an infection.
  • When your tattoo is completely healed, you’ll have to slather on a non-scented, moisturizing sunscreen to prevent the colours from fading or breaking down.

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Now that you’ve read and understood the necessary things about getting a tattoo, go and get inked!

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