Things You Should Always Do After Sex!


things you should do after sex

We’re sure you already know how important it is to pee right after sex. But what after the entire sex-then-pee routine?

Did you know that there are a number of other things that are must-dos after the deed? Yes, we know the only thing you want after sex is sleep but that is not the right way to go about things. In fact, go about the proper after-sex routine might just your key to unlocking a super-steamy sex life.

We list down 5 easy ways to keep your vagina happy and your sex life exciting.

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- Internal cleaning isn’t necessary since your vagina has its own way of doing it. However, you should wipe your privates with non-fragrant soap and water. All you gotta do is simply take a warm washcloth and clean from front to back.

- If it’s not a quickie that we’re talking about, soak up in a warm bathtub. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to feel like the pampered sex goddess. This will not only reduce the chances of skin irritation but will also hydrate the delicate area and soothe any vaginal swelling. And you could also make your partner join in for some of those post-sex cuddles!

- We’ll not take any excuses for this one! We all know how our vag and mouth dries up after the act, so refuel your body with water. Right after you’re out and exhausted, chug a pint of H2O and you’re sorted.

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- If you’ve had sex with a new partner, there are increased chances of bacterial and yeast infection. Now you need to munch on fermented foods like yoghurt and pickle in order to replenish the body’s good bacteria.

- Once the action in between the sheets has commenced, throw your satin panties into the laundry bag. Once you’ve cleaned up, bring out your cotton panties and oh-so-comfy pyjamas that allow optimum air circulation. Ditch nylon underwear and tight-fitting sleepwear that can make your privates the ideal breeding spot for bacteria.

No matter how great the urge to cosy up to your partner post-coitus is, do these things once you’re done with dreamy sex!

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