Things you should avoid saying to your man


To celebrate happy years of togetherness, it is necessary to zip-up your mouth occasionally. Being closely attached to your partner gives you no reason to say things that might hurt his ego. Some women take the liberty of accusing or comparing their man with other people. Let me be blunt – by doing so, you end up celebrating Valentine’s Day alone!

Here are a few facts that will help you know when to hold on to your words and when not to.

“You are like my ex”

Hold your horses, lady! Think twice before you compare your man with your ex or anyone else for that matter. Would you like it if he compares you with other women from his office or friends? Some people may be similar with their mannerisms, but don’t bring it to the limelight with your superficial comparisons.

“Be a man”

Of course, he is a man! Stop naming activities gender-wise, and be a woman! Did that hit you hard? Well, so did it on your partner.

“I am not like your mother”

Firstly, avoid pulling families in between arguments that you have as a couple. Once he finds the love of his life, every woman is a man’s mother (figuratively). Be proud to be in such a position and keep the ‘mother’ terms out of your conversations.

“I can’t live without you”

Let your man admit such feelings. When the woman does it, she becomes clingy and annoying from a man’s point of view. Do you want that?

“Is she prettier than me?”

Everyone is different; learn to accept your uniqueness. If your nose is sharper than another woman, it does not mean you are more beautiful. Each person is beautiful in different ways. Stop questioning your partner about other people’s looks. By doing so, you are giving him a chance to watch other women keenly.

While you are aware about things you should avoid saying on a general basis, it is also important to know what can stress him out easily. Here are some things that will give you an idea of how you could possibly be aggravating his stress.

Don’t hold a grudge

Don’t play rooster games with your partner. It is a common thing for couples to fight. While some forget it soon, others cling on to it. It is advisable to follow the former. By holding on to a grudge you are stressing him out, which can possibly backfire later.

Never give the silent treatment

Majority of men tend to forget fights over a period of time. By giving the silent treatment, you intend to teach your man a lesson, but, psst… he forgot the fight long back. So when he does not know why you are apparently quiet, it stresses him out. Be glad the issue is over and move on. But if you still insist to puke out your feelings, sit and talk it out rather than giving silent treatments.

Don’t be a drama queen

You might be having a bad day, but this gives you no reason to give drama to your partner. Remember that he is also tired after his work. He will be more stressed out when you do extra drama about some issue that does not even concern him.


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