Things You Should Discuss Before Getting Married


Whether it’s love marriage, or arranged, it is one very important decision that changes the life of not only the individuals involved in it, but also their immediate family. So, it’s imperative that some important points are discussed beforehand, so as to avoid rude shocks and nasty fights later on. What are the issues to be discussed with your would-be so that your later married life is smooth, we tell you here.

What to discuss before marriage

Each one’s family

You both have liked each other, and have decided to tie the knot. But, they say that in India you get married to the whole family! So, it is essential that you know your partner’s immediate family well, and also their personalities. Having a discussion on things related to the family and the subsequent adjustments, if any required, is essential. Also, whether you will be staying as a nuclear family or a joint one, is a point you need to discuss. Lastly, how often can the girl visit her parents and siblings, is a point that needs to be talked about before marriage.


One of the major things which couples plan after getting married is their family. It is essential that the husband and wife are equally ready for bringing a child into the world and to share the responsibilities thereof. Hence, you both should talk about ‘when’ and ‘how many’ kids you plan to have. Sometimes the woman is not ready to become a mother right after the wedding but the male wants. So these things should be cleared beforehand.

Housewife or a working woman

You are a career oriented girl, but your in-laws and/or your husband aren’t in favour of you working after marriage. What will you do if you realise this after marriage? Hence, ensure that these things are clarified well before saying ‘I do’.


Financial problems are faced by every couple nowadays. Be it paying bills or having a joint or personal account, there are many such issues. We are not saying that discussing about money matters should be the priority but should be one of the important things to discuss about before getting married so that later on clashes are avoided.

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