Things you should NOT do while relocating


Moving out can be a step ahead to begin your new life. But, the process is not as easy as it may seem. To shift every single piece of furniture, clothing and other household materials to your new house which is at a different location is tedious. To ease the pain some people choose to have shortcut methods which can be a total disaster.

What should you not do to avoid such circumstances? Here is a list.

Finding easy shortcuts for shifting the couch

Sometimes, it may be easier to toss your couch down from the first floor of your house rather than to pass it through the steep staircase. But can you imagine the consequence? Undoubtedly, it is going to break the bones of the guy waiting downstairs to catch the couch. Avoid such easy weesy steps else you might end up hurting or even killing a person.

Ignoring logic

In an attempt to get it done with, don’t push your cot through the passage that it wouldn’t even enter through. Think logically before you shift household items. If you can dismantle some furniture, you can opt to shift after removing its parts. This will help you to avoid damaging the walls in the process.


While some people opt to book trucks to shift their items, others simply choose to do it by themselves. I am not saying that this is a bad idea. But, planning to not strap your couch or bed to the roof of your car is a bad idea. Thinking that driving slowly will avoid the slipping of the couch is nothing but stupidity. Avoid experimentations else you will have to end up wasting time to repair your car.

Over packing

Do not over pack, because by stuffing items one on top of another, you are damaging the quality of the one lying under all the weight. If you have many items to shift, you can book multiple trucks or opt to reload the same truck after relocating one load of it.

Packing your baby

Packing may be a headache for parents. While they are busy taping boxes to be shifted, infants can easily be fidgety. By this, I mean that they can even trip and fall into a box and be unnoticed. To avoid such situations, put your baby to sleep before you begin with the mess or appoint a babysitter to entertain your infant until all the packing is done.

You are not Iron Man

Do not end up breaking your back because of unwanted stunts. It is advisable to shift furniture with the help of another person. No one can handle the weight of heavy couches and mattresses single-handedly.

Falling asleep

It can be very tempting to take a nap while shifting household stuff. But, by dozing off you are doubling up the trouble rather than reducing it. Once you begin the cleaning up and shifting of items, don’t stop until you finish. I know it sounds impossible. But, the joy of having a sound sleep after finishing the work is better than waking up just after two minutes of your nap to resume your packing.

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