Things you should be prepared for after marriage


Every woman has big dreams of marriage. Since the time she was a child, she has always thought about her dream man and how she would walk down the aisle. Well, after you’ve been married for a while, you will realise that marriage is not always a bed of roses or a smooth sail. When rough seas arrive, make sure your ship doesn’t sink. Prepare for rough seas by learning about things that could sink your marriage. Here are a few:

Your expenses

You should expect your expenses to shoot up after your wedding. Firstly, understand that returning to financial stability after a wedding is tough. To add to that, you may have expenses for your new home. You may have a double income, but you don’t know exactly how your spouse’s lifestyle is going to fit in your budget. Be prepared for it in advance.


They say that the underline of a marriage is compromise. No marriage works without a little compromise. Understand that you have to give up on certain things and tolerate some others to make sure you sail smoothly.

You cannot be too adventurous

You must have been a bold, impulsive person before marriage, but along with marriage comes responsibility. Supporting your spouse and the house is very important and you cannot just decide to venture out and do anything you want to, like in the old days.


Well, if you’ve got into a new house, it is apparent that house work will be twice as much since your parents or siblings aren’t around to share the work.


Whoever can tolerate an irritating in-law must be lying. Be ready to face differences of opinion between you and your in-laws. Be calm and peaceful, and if your in-laws are just the opposite of the stereotypical, then good for you!

Marriage is not always a bed of roses- but strive to make it comfortable

Marriage is not always a bed of roses- but strive to make it comfortable

Are you prepared to face these obvious obstacles of a peaceful married life? Consider these situations you may face.

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