Things you shouldn’t say to someone suffering from anxiety


If you’ve suffered from severe anxiety, you’ll know what it feels like when someone gets on your case trying to ask you what’s wrong. Anxiety can cause feelings of fear and uncertainty, and most often comments made at a time like this turn out to be hurtful rather than helpful. It is necessary to support and help a friend in distress, however, there are a few things you should never say, here are they.

Take care what you say to someone suffering from anxiety

Someone suffering from anxiety is in a delicate situation

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“Damn! He knows!” The problem with anxiety and panic attacks is that you simply can’t just calm down suddenly. Finding the ability to relax, particularly on command, isn’t easy for most people, and it certainly can be more difficult for someone suffering from anxiety.

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“Just go ahead with it”

Panic and anxiety attacks rise from a feeling of finding a task too daunting to perform. Sometimes, you telling them to “just do it”, isn’t going to work how you would like it to. The reason being, if they could do it, they wouldn’t stress so much about it.

“Why are you bothered about such petty issues”

Well, if they were petty issues, he wouldn’t stress about it so much. Anxiety stems from a feeling of inability to face a situation. For the person in question, the situation is of some importance and that is why he is stressing. Telling him that his issue is not important may make him feel you don’t even care.

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“Have a drink”

Then there are some smart Alecs whose solution to everything is “Chal, let’s drink”. Drinking is only going to worsen your anxiety. It may take the edge for a moment, but the impact it has on your body physically and mentally is much more severe.

Someone suffereing from anxiety is in a delicate situation

Take care what you say to someone suffering from anxiety

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All in all, try to be careful in what you say to a person who is suffering from anxiety. It is a delicate situation and can lead to drastic repercussions on a person’s personality in the long run. If you care, be careful what you say!

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