Things You’d Like To Advice To A 15-Year-Old



Once you enter the age of confusion, which is teenage, it just hits you like a wave. Well, teenagers are poor little souls, who are neither adults nor kids, leaving them all with more of unreasonable questions around. What to do, what not to do; in fact, most of them become people-pleaser to be in their loved-ones good books, leaving behind their identity of who they are and what they want. While reading this, if you’ve actually gone through a series of flashback incidents from your own life, then, you’ve scrolled to the perfect article for the day.

Just breath in, guys! Shit happens, and so does life. During our age of growing up, we learn a lot, a few good things, and some bad experiences. But does this really mean we back off or just stop living lives on our own? Not really! Let us make one thing clear DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES. Gautam Buddha once said, Life is a suffering; indeed it is, but its all upon us, whether we have to enjoy the entire journey of suffering or look back and think about what mistakes we have made again and again. Just the way Lizzie McGuire tackled her life in a smart way, similarly, one can overcome the life problems. If someone really made a guide to living a perfect life, I would have bought it without any hesitation. But alas, every single person has a different experience, making the entire journey a unique one! Though we can’t change what has happened in our past, at least we can advise our younger ones, be it friends, brothers or sisters, and help them to live a stress-free life. So, here it goes:

Stop Worrying:

I know this can be a difficult one to start with, but one really needs to buckle up and stop overthinking, overanalyzing, and worrying about petty issues. If your friend is super skinny, and you can’t stop your body from gaining weight, be it! Embrace your inner self. At the end, that’s what really matters.

Heartbreaks Are Absolutely Normal:

This one goes for everyone! No matter how hot that guy was, or how beautiful that girl was, move on, guys. Your life has just started, and you still have to meet innumerable people at the beautiful journey. You never know, you might find someone else, anywhere, anytime.

Concentrate On Your Studies:

Studies will help you a bit to shape your career in near future. But good grades won’t harm anyone. This will just help to you enter a decent college, where you will meet a lot of different people. But if you are really not fond of books, then do what you like. It can be a hobby, be it your passion. Painting, maybe? Think!

Nothing’s Perfect:

From your hair to your life, nothing’s perfect, and things are just going to change with every move you take. So, either take your decisions wisely, with the help of your elder ones; or don’t be afraid to fall over your mistakes, but don’t forget to learn from them! ;)

Get Out Of Your Bubble:

This might sound a bit rude or lecture-ish, but this works, always! Our life really doesn’t revolve around the four walls of our house or a classroom, when we get out of our comfort zone, there’s where our life starts. So, it’s better to keep yourself prepared to come what may and have a peaceful, if not a happily-ever-after life.

Chill people, life is simply amazing, and don’t forget to spread a smile. :)

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