Think Rain-Proof Work Clothes This Monsoon


What’s more annoying than the blaring alarm that goes off in the morning making you drag yourself out of bed? If you were to ask me, I’d say it is the downpour outside the window that’s worse! As if you needed another obstacle to make you late for work; not to mention, you’ll be soaking wet when you reach! No. Never. You are a modern fashionable individual who knows how to dress well in each and every situation. A little bit (okay, a lot) of rain shouldn’t dampen your spirits!

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Here are some tried-and-tested rain-proof work clothes that do the needful on a rainy weekday.

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Trench coat:

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Trench coats help to keep you warm and dry even in stormy weather

What can I say, it’s a classic! This all-season piece of garment will take you throughout the year while keeping your fashion quotient up and your wet-feet quotient down. If you can’t find a trench coat where you live, then a windcheater would do the job well.




Cotton pants may not be such a great idea when it comes to travelling in rains. The sopping pants will weigh you down and make you look like a wet rat! Try nylon or viscose leggings or jeggings (jeans+leggings) that are easier to dry because of the fabric’s water resistant properties.

Change of clothes:

It makes sense to carry a change of clothes or at least keep some spare clothes in your office drawer/locker for those days when even a top-to-bottom raincoat wouldn’t make the cut.


rain-proof work clothes, wellies for men and women,


Common sense says that your skin dries faster than clothes or shoes, so get those flip-flops out! If you’re worried about splashing water on your clothes or jacket, then try rain boots. No, not the bright yellow plastic gum boots you wore in school, but wellies in neutral shades that will save your feet from the showers and keep them warm and dry. You can also tuck your leggings in the boots to save the hem from soakin’! Just remember to carry a pair of office-appropriate shoes along or try these fashionable rainy footwear!


You might think I’m nuts. But trust me, a silk or satin scarf has magical powers to keep your hair from getting drenched in the rain! Since silk is a soft fabric, it will also save you from a potentially bad hair day. You’re welcome!

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So there you are! With these rain-proof work clothes, you’ll never compromise on style :)

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