Thoughtful things a husband can do for his wife


Most women have expectations after marriage similar to the dating and courtship period. However, when their husbands do not meet such expectations, it leaves women disappointed. The fact is, wives want to be pursued, loved and appreciated; they desire romance in their marriage. If the constant routine of life – full time job, house work, children, stress, etc – drains you both out, spare little time for love and romance. Here are some thoughtful things husbands can do for their wives to keep the romance alive.

Thoughtful things a husband can do for his wife

Be a thoughtful husband who makes his wife feel special

Surprise her

Women love to be surprised. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise her. You can bring home flowers on a normal day too. Surprising her on a normal day will unfailingly make her feel special.

Sing a song for her

You don’t have to be a good singer to sing for her! The fact that you’ve taken the pains to exercise your vocal cords for her, will make her blush. Dedicate a song to her. It can be song that describes your relationship, a song that you both love, a favourite song of hers or music artist she loves and enjoys.


One big problem in men is that they do not understand that listening is a skill. Listen to her when she talks, even if you have a story to tell that is more interesting. Nothing is more romantic than a man who listens to his wife’s stories at the end of a busy day.

Take a moonlit walk together

Go out for a walk in the night. Just the two of you. Peaceful and serene. Talk about how the moon looks or about some abstract ideas. And yes, don’t forget to hold her hand throughout!


Take her to the place where you two first met, or where you both first kissed. Remind her of the time you dated before marriage. She will perceive that you too treasure the priceless memories of your courtship period, just like she does.

Value your wife and let her know it

Value your wife and let her know it

All these small deeds will go a long way in helping you make her understand that you value your relationship with her a lot.

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