Tips And Tricks To Look Sculpted Without Working Out!


Sometimes, working smarter can be better than working harder. This even applies to fitness and beauty. Few women would disagree when I say that after long working hours, parties, and household chores, there’s hardly any time or energy left to hit the gym and burn those calories you gorged on all day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fake a slim and sculpted body. Shortcuts to weight loss may not work but we promise that these fashion tips and tricks do! Here are some tips and tricks to look sculpted without working out!

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Nude heels, Tricks to look sculpted,

Nude heels look elegant and make your legs appear long and sexy

Shoes: Who wouldn’t want long and sexy legs? If you’re not exactly tall or have an average height which makes you look stout, adding a few extra inches can make a dramatic difference. Go for high-heeled shoes with an open toe or a pointy toe to give the illusion of slimmer and long legs. Neutral and nude heels are your best friends! Choose a pair of nude heels that come very close to your natural complexion as this will give you longer-looking sexy legs. High-heeled nude peep toes give the illusion of a small waist and longer legs. Shorter girls, and girls with fat calves must avoid shoes that have ankle straps. Ankle straps tend to put a horizontal line at your ankle making you look even shorter.

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Michael Kors bag, Tricks to look sculpted,

The type of bags you carry can also have an effect on your body shape

Bags: We always buy bags depending on their colour or style, but guess what? Bags can also make you look sculpted! Who thought! Bags play an important role in emphasizing your best features. If you belong to the petite/short category, then you must choose only small bags as bigger bags will make you seem smaller. Most Indian women are pear-shaped and have wide hips. Such women must choose bags with short straps to bring the focus up and shift attention from their hips. If you really want to carry a big bag, opt for light nudes or whites. Girls who are plus-sized often find it difficult to accessorize, but the fact is that you can play with accessories, especially bags! Choose well-tailored bags of average size with sharp lines and geometric shapes to balance out your big body shape.

Chunky corset belt, Tricks to look sculpted

Chunky corset belt

Belts: When wearing maxi dresses or shirts and long skirts, belts can do the trick to make you look slimmer and sculpted almost instantly. Wear a corset belt to make your waist looked clinched. Place it just under the bust to thin down the waist. A slimmer belt worn at the lower waist line will make you look heavier, so opt for thick and chunky belts and wear it high on your waist for the slimming effect.

Chunky earrings, Tricks to look sculpted,

Large earrings make your face look slimmer

Jewellery: Jewellery and accessories play an important role to make you look sculpted. They can do the trick by taking attention away from your problem area. The golden rule while wearing any jewellery is never to accessorize your problem area. So don’t wear anything on the area that you’re trying to hide. If you have a paunch, a detailed collar neckpiece will draw the attention upwards making your waist look slim. Highlight your best features with accessories. If you are blessed with a long and slender neck, wear long and delicate pieces to enhance it. Want to know what’s the fastest way to fake a slim face? Chunky eye-catching chandelier earrings can take the focus away from your large framed face. However, chubby girls must avoid big ear cuffs and hoop earrings.

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We hope these tricks help you make a statement; just remember to wear the best outfit you have – your smile! ;)

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