Tips And Tricks To Make Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter


They say eyes are the window to a person’s soul; this stands true. A person’s eyes relay things about them that their lips don’t. They are tell-tale signs of a person’s demeanour. Bright, fresh eyes equals to a healthy and happy individual. But, sometimes due to stress or lack of sleep, our eyes just don’t look bright enough, they become small and beady. What to do at such times, you ask? Well, the answer lies in these easy tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter. These tricks are simpleand don’t take up too much of one’s time and most importantly they are totally effective.

White Eye Shadow/ Liner

tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter

White eyeliner makes eyes look brighter by blending with the white area of your eyes.

This one is super easy and you’ll notice the difference instantly. Use soft white eye shadow or liner and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes or a thin line on your lower water line. This trick creates brighter and larger looking eyes by blending with the white areas of your eye. The white colour opens up your eyes instantly and creates the illusion of beautiful doe eyes. Just make sure to be minimal and not overdo the white colour, or your eyes will look more dramatic than desired.

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Lash Care

tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter

Mascara lifts up your eye lashes opening up your eyes make them look bigger.

Your eyelashes are like curtains to your eyes. Therefore, a good way to make your eyes look bigger is by drawing up the curtains. You can do this with the help of an eyelash curler and mascara. Curl up your upper lashes well, and then jazz them up with some mascara. This routine lifts up your lashes, thus, opening the view to the eyes. You can also try fake lashes for different look if you are comfortable with them.

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Add Some Wings

tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter

Make sure your wings are symmetrical on both eyes to avoid making eyes look lopsided.

When applying eyeliner make sure to cover the entire length of your eyelid right up to the crease of the eyes. Once you get to the crease of your eye, wing out the eyeliner upwards. Here, you can decide what kind of wing you want, a simple flicked wing, or more elaborate ones, it’s all up to you. This technique will make your eyes look wider and brighter. Just make sure to maintain the symmetry on both your eyes, or you can end up with eyes that look lopsided.

Create A Distraction

tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter

The contrast created by the bright lips and nude eyes, make eyes look bigger.

Another way to make your eyes look brighter is by doing absolutely nothing to them. Use little to absolutely no eye makeup. Just leave them natural and let your lips be the distraction. Use a bright coloured lipstick and create full lips. The juxtaposition created by the bright lips and the nude eyes will actually make your eyes look bigger.

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Soothe Your Eyes

tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter

The cold spoon technique reduces the swelling of puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes or eyes daunted by dark circles will make your eyes look smaller than they are, and even makeup won’t do wonders. For this, it’s essential to maintain a good diet and sleeping habits. Get enough rest. Dark circles to a certain extent can be concealed with a good concealer or under-eye highlighter. Tougher circles though will need a good night’s sleep. As for puffy eyes, an old wife’s tale suggests using cold spoons to lessen the puff instantly. All you have to do is place a cold spoon each on your eyes when you wake up. Worth a try, right?

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Go ahead then, give these tricks to make eyes look bigger and brighter a shot, and never leave home with dull and lifeless eyes ever again.


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