Tips for a budget-friendly honeymoon


A wedding can send your savings down the drain and leave you stranded with a meagre budget for your honeymoon. Well, not always, but if you are in such a situation where your concern is the amount of money you are spending, rather than just quality time with your partner, here’s help for you. This is a step-by-step checklist to make sure you are ready for a budget friendly, yet amazing honeymoon!

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Consult a travel agent

A travel agent can help you get afforadable deals

A travel agent can help you get affordable deals

In today’s world of booking flights and train tickets online, hiring a travel agent may seem like extra money. But if you are planning a budget-friendly honeymoon, then a travel agent can give you the best advice about discounts, inexpensive hotels and the perfect destinations to visit within your budget.

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All inclusive packages

This is another way to make sure you do not over-exceed your budget and regret it later. An all inclusive package will make you feel rest assured while enjoying a honeymoon relaxation and intimate time with your partner.

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Flexibility with travelling

If you’re planning to travel by air, then consider searching for flights that can considerably alter prices, like the ones at odd timings, or with more stops. If you planning to travel by train, consider buying tickets that mix comfort with low costs.

Consider a shorter vacation

Make your honeymoon short and memorable

Make your honeymoon short and memorable

Just because it’s a honeymoon, doesn’t mean that it has to be for a month! It can drag and get boring. Try to make it short, sweet and memorable. Jayant Vaisakhe, a 28-year-old married man, is of the opinion that a short honeymoon is really special. “I had a short honeymoon myself, just five days! They were the best five days of my life! Making a honeymoon too long can get you to start worrying about your work and other things. A short vacation is the best way to go,” he said.

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Off-season travelling

Another way to cut down costs is by travelling off-season. This may mean planning your wedding off-season as well, so if you are willing to sacrifice that, then a budget-friendly honeymoon will be within your grasp!


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