Tips for a flatter stomach


Even fitness fanatics may struggle with this area. Flattening the stomach is one of the hardest things to achieve in body toning. We all strive for that perfect figure, but the stomach is most often neglected only because of the level of difficulty we face to flatten it. Here are some tips to follow to flatten your stomach in no time:

Core exercises


If you want that perfectly flat stomach, you will have to work your entire core and not just the visible abdomen, building up its strength and flexibility. Working your core is essential to achieving a flat stomach because it works all of the muscles in your stomach area.

Avoid constipation at all costs


Stack up on adequate amounts of veggies and fruits so that your body can receive enough fibre to flush out toxins from the body. A high fibre diet improves overall health of your digestive system which in turn will reflect as a flatter belly.

Eat smaller portions


Sometimes, our eyes and mouth are bigger than our tummies! We tend to serve ourselves large portions, not realising the amount of food we take in that stretches out the abdominal muscles. Try eating lesser portions but don’t ever starve yourself. Listen to your body carefully, it will tell you when it is full!

Get adequate sleep


You may think sleep has nothing to do with a flat stomach, but sleep regulates your hormonal levels. Hormonal levels are directly related to your hunger. Imbalanced hormonal levels will cause you to overeat or eat at inappropriate timings.

Cut out carbonated drinks


Most carbonated drinks are believed to contain severely high amounts of sugar which is never properly broken down by our body and is stored as fats in our bellies.

These are basic tips you can follow in order to reduce your belly. Following these tips will get you a flatter tummy before you know it!

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