Tips For Easy And Successful Childbirth


As women, we have been blessed with the ability to nourish and nurture the miracle of life within us when we get pregnant. For nine months, a woman, nurtures, grows and takes care of the unborn child within her as part of her own body. She makes every possible effort to make a connection with the life that’s growing inside her, with a lot of emotional, spiritual and physical help and support from the people around her. Being pregnant is a wonderful, magical feeling and it gives a woman a sense of belonging, responsibility and empowerment (to carry a baby within oneself is no cakewalk) and she naturally gains immense strength to overcome any and every hurdle during her term.

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But every once a while, pregnant women can get emotional, weak and vulnerable. As the term comes to an end, you may feel discomfort while walking and/or sitting. This continues until the baby is delivered… and that’s the tricky part. Remember, it’s only tricky, not impossible! Contractions and labour pain is a part and parcel of a pregnancy, but guess what! With a few careful measures, you can avoid all the discomfort and complications, and have an easy and successful delivery! Here are some tips for easy and successful childbirth.

Take pre-natal yoga classes for easy childbirth and calming your nerves about labour pains

Take pre-natal yoga classes for easy childbirth and calming your nerves about labour pains

Stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy: Getting regular exercise and meditation is vital for an easy and comfortable pregnancy. Practise yoga and breathing exercises, improve your flexibility and learn how to contract and relax your muscles comfortably and effectively. This should help you gain more control during labour.

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Do not be anxious: To prevent a pre-mature delivery, try to meditate more. The uterine blood vessels are extremely sensitive to any stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and stress-inducing hormones can trigger early contractions when your baby isn’t fully formed in your womb; this is why it is important to rid yourself of anxiety, any emotional disturbances and/or fears etc.

Avoid breech presentation: When the baby exits the pelvisfeet-first or buttock-first, it’s called a breech presentation. Breech presentation occurs in about three percent of pregnant women and usually requires a C-section for the delivery of the baby. Avoid it while you can! Try acupuncture, bio-energetic breathing, or relaxation techniques to help with managing your stress levels.

Eat healthy during pregnancy

Eating healthy during pregnancy is important

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Eat healthy: I know you’ve heard this a million times, but you must eat healthy during pregnancy. Include adequate amounts of essential fats, amino acids and protein in your diet. While pregnant you also need electrolytes and minerals from natural foods and drinks. Magnesium, potassium, sulphur, chloride, and sodium will help prevent excessive pain and fatigue during labour. Consult your doctor and ask him/her to develop a diet chart and follow it.

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And last but the most important tip for every pregnant woman is to learn to trust your body. It naturally knows what the best way is – for you and the baby – to go through the birthing process. If you keep yourself calm and composed, your body will do the needful, you won’t face discomfort during labour and you’ll have an easy and successful childbirth!

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