Tips for thicker and longer eyelashes


Every woman yearns for fuller looking, longer and thicker lashes. These days, mascara and false lashes seem to be a woman’s best friends. But at times, removal of mascara and falsies requires some tugging at the delicate lashes which may cause breakage and lead to thinner and weaker lashes. It’s time to say goodbye to the dreadful spidery lashes which cause the mascara to clump. Follow our tips for getting longer and stronger eyelashes.


Condition the lashes:

Your delicate lashes are exposed to pollution daily and hence they tend to get dry and damaged. Sometimes, lack of adequate nutrition in our diets causes them to break and fall off. To prevent that, it is important to condition the lashes regularly. For this, you can use either baby oil or vaseline right before you go to bed.

Use an eyelash curler:

Lash curler

Using an eyelash curler can instantly open up your eyes and make them look bigger. But you have to be very cautious while using it. The right way is to hold the curler at the base and carefully clamp it down gently for a few seconds. Repeat the same moving the curler a little away from the lash line.

Blot the mascara before applying it:


Gently use a blotting paper or a tissue to wipe out excess mascara from the wand. This will help prevent clumps from forming during the application.

Avoid pumping the wand:

Do not pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube as this would cause air bubbles and eventually dry out your mascara. Instead twirl the brush in the tube to get the mascara out evenly. It would help in the application as well.

Wiggle the wand:


When applying your mascara, start at the base of the lashes and wiggle the brush from left to right. Continue to move the wand in this movement straight up to the top of your lashes. This helps to coat every inch of your lashes and gives them intense volume.

Comb through your lashes:

After each coat of mascara, brush the top of your lashes with an eyelash comb for longer looking lashes.

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